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Fantasia 17: “Drib” (2017) ★★★

I hardly remember the last time I felt indifferent towards a documentary subject the way I felt for Amir Asgharnejad in “Drib”. Not that he was unlikable and uninteresting character, but rather too eventful, and not in a good way. Perhaps, it was director’s intention or Amir wanted him to capture this way… however, the only winner in this film is the circumstances which leads to awkwardness from both side, Amir and the advertisement company he fooled…

Amir appears as a tough young man who fools youtubers and energy drink company managers in a fight that was staged through his performance. Having his name built famously,  unnamed but identified in documentary movie as DRIB, a big company approached him to participate in their commercial. But there’s one problem: the company had no idea that every video made by Amir picking a fight with strangers was not true… But despite that, the man travels to the US to get a real life slap many would have done a lot to avoid…

There was an interesting way of telling this story, which was true. The filmmaker Kristoffer Borgli, right in the beginning, reveals that Amir agreed that his story to be told only on one term – he will portray himself. Which I must say that the Iranian born comedian did an excellent job at that. However, through his portrayal of himself he will never look like a positive character, but rather as someone who invited humiliation to himself by doing what he should not have. But in the real world of social network and the power of Youtube, it had never been difficult to convince people in something that had never been true…

“Drib”, directed by Kristoffer Borgli, is an interesting and educational movie in many ways and even on many levels. It is funny, wicked and well narrated docudrama about a real-life person, his adventure and way of seeing himself in his own shoes. Amir is a fascinating figure who he was able to capture without any character study. He had approached himself and his own persona from a different angle, the angle he would probably never wanted to see himself in. Amir as Amir was fearless, strong and determined which was the key in order to pull of something that would have been considered impossible for many others.

in conclusion, “Drib” is a brilliant film I recommend everyone to see. There’s a great lesson provided how people’s mind can be manipulated by one or two videos uploaded on Youtube. There is a power in any tool if it was used wisely. Amir does and he wins. But through that unprecedented victory there is a failure as well that can be seen only after you capture it… And this movie, thankfully, did that and did it really well.…

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