Film Review: “Girls Trip” (2017) ★★★

I usually mind, and I must be very honest with you, whenever I see a movie loaded with swearing, jokes that you don’t want use in public and even behavior a lady or gentleman would never afford to commit. But for some mysterious reason I still have to think about, in Girls Trip I was totally fine to hear or watch anything this movie had to offer. And that, I guess is mainly because of intelligently manipulated words that have never been so powerful, empowered and funny.

“Because I am beautiful, strong and powerful”, Ryan (Regina Hall) Pierce would say multiple times shortly after the movie begins. And that is her, her friends and ‘strong’ marriage Girls Trip revolves around. However, the same friendship, marriage, her strong personality and what she had so confidently built will be tested during her trip to an Essence Festival where she will be participating as a speaker.

Ryan Pierce is a beautiful woman who married a handsome man named Stuart. She is a writer. He is a celebrity. The TV and the audience simply love them. Stuart and Ryan show have been watched by many, as Ryan herself as a specialist in relationships has written a bestseller “You can have them all”. However, that idea of having them all has passed Ryan when she learns about infidelity of her husband during the same trip with her best friends.

Going back to the same friends, Dina (Tiffany Haddish) is crazy and unable to control her manners, but that is something you will never have as an issue. What is great about her is she is unconventional, honest and an open friend who acts like a real person within her friends. She does not have to go around to say what she has in her mind, which is truly outstanding.  She is somebody who will make you laugh a lot throughout the movie. Lisa (Jada Pinkett Smith) is a nurse with two children who still lives with her mother. She is a genuine woman but carefully searches for every word before uses them. Sasha (Queen Latifah) is a very different person who has an online blog about celebrities whose dirty laundry she brings out to public.

But the most complicated friend of all is Ryan who tries to show everybody how happy she is about her life. She is willing to provide hints to strangers how to be as confident as she is, but at some point, she will be forced to face the facts she for many years blindly denied, and look back to find the key to her long-waited happiness, in fact, was always nearby. But through that dramatic ups and downs, in Girls Trip you won’t get much time to rest or relax from well filled jokes that no doubt will be acknowledged by a majority of moviegoers.

In conclusion, Girls Trip offers more than just a profound comedy with a deep meaning. It offers a stellar cast lead by Regina Hall, Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah, Tiffany Haddish and Mike Colter. Each of them brought their own charisma, beauty and charm. Their performance was thorough and convincing. It was, of course, nice seeing the reunion of Jada Pinkett and Queen Latifah, who once starred in one my of favorite moves of all time Set it Off. That said, be prepared for a crazy trip with Malcolm D. Lee’s Girls Trip, but be aware of one thing – do laugh, be happy, but never engage. Because, this movie is hilarious and pure joy despite overloaded with adult language and nudity that felt was unnecessary to be shown.

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