Film Review: “The Hitman`s Bodyguard” (2017) ★★★

Since when does hitman needs a bodyguard? Oh well, that is since Samuel L. Jackson became one. Ageless Jackson reunites with Ryan Reynolds for the second time, and third collaboration with chameleon Gary Oldman to bring the season’s best action comedy called “The Hitman’s Bodyguard”.

The world’s top bodyguard Michael Bryce, portrayed by Ryan Reynolds gets a client he did not even ask for – the infamous Darius Kincaid, the Haitian with whom Michael has a special relationship. Despite their differences, both men must work together for Darius to get alive at the International Court where he is scheduled to testify against former Belorusian President Vladislav Dukhovich, played by Gary Oldman. But before they get there, the should defeat every single challenge ahead of them, but mainly, themselves and their stubbornness…

It all begins with the introduction of Vladislav Dukchovich as an executor, who kills a family in order to teach a lesson. It’s, by the way, Gary Oldman who nailed Russian in a way I never had to struggle to understand him. And here, Reynolds’ Michael, who is considered one of the best bodyguards, but loses his client in the beginning with a shot to the head. Devastated and heartbroken, two years later Michael revisits his guardian approach and ensures anything that stands between him and the safety of his clients will be removed before his clients leaves his comfort zone.

Amelia is Michael’s love interest but due to the killing of Kurosawa found each other apart. When Kincaid signs the papers to testify against Kuchovich at the court but found resistance on his way to the safe house, Amelia is forced to ask Bryce to protect the hitman from being killed before he testifies. And imagine what happens when Michael meets Kincaid for the first time… It was such a delight to see the fighting sequence, where ageless Jackson seems stuck somewhere back in time, still able to deliver what even the younger generation cannot.

Salma Hayek’s cool appearance as Kincaid’s wife was like an appetizer and dessert at the same time. She is probably the only working actress whose inappropriate language sounds more appropriate than you can imagine. The chemistry, in the meantime, between Jackson and Reynolds is outstanding. Both actors by their own presence only can turn any bad material into gold. And that was the case with Patrick Hughes’ film, where many of you will ignore the ridiculous plot and hard to believe storyline, but it’s still acceptable and enjoyable to follow.

In conclusion, “The Hitman’s Bodyguard is an excellent movie to forget about daily routine life. It is dynamic, well developed, while some stunts were so insane I hope nobody got hurt during the process. Ryan Reynolds and Jackson are great together, one can wish they continue their collaboration. Having said that, Hughes’ film is worthwhile seeing by all means. And if you by any chance read a negative review about it, don’t worry. Give it a chance and watch it. I am sure you will enjoy watching it the way I did.

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