Slamdance 2018 Review: “Fake Tattoos” (2017) ★★★

Not many movies today make the viewer feel relaxed, forget about the concerns of an overloaded day. Sometimes, we all need stories that unfold in their own pace telling a genuine narrative, letting the viewer enjoy a glass of wine or soda and popcorn, depending on whether they watch it in the cinema or at home.

“Fake Tattoos” follows two teenagers – Mag and Theo, whose first meeting in the café turns into a long conversation about life, music, and everything that comes to their mind. Here is the thing, Theo has a tattoo which attracts Mag’s attention. Sadly, it’s a fake one. But that’s enough to set the mood and let their conversation slowly develop into a string of revelations about each other. They start developing romantic feelings toward each other as well. Here is a problem – Mag does not know that Theo is going to leave the town soon in a hope to escape from his painful past. On the other hand, she is all about the future and is concentrated on building a meaningful one for herself.

The two characters are very different. Theo rides a bicycle, while Mag takes driving courses to prepare for her upcoming test. Music is what unites them. Both of them seem to be open about their newly developing relationship. Their feelings get deeper, although Theo tries to avoid anything that makes it serious. He gets angry every time when things between them seem to develop further, though one can also notice the sting of disappointment in his eyes when he thinks about having to leave Mag in a few weeks’ time.

Even though Theo seems to be deeply in love, his past still haunts him, and it is an accident from the past that pushes him away from his home. As the story unfolds, the viewer starts feeling happy and hopeful from Mag and Theo. We believe in their happiness and expectations, but also, we get concerned about Theo’s reasons to distance himself from his family – especially his mother.

In the end, we are left with a sad but hopeful love story. Theo, at his young age, has to go through a lot of suffering. And I am sure, you will also feel the hurt in your heart when you learn why. Mag’s appearance in his life and the test the two of them will have to pass is going to shape their present and future. They both know what they want, thus, we hope that the distance between them does not stand a chance to break their resolution they have built in the course of their two weeks of romantic love.

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