Film Review: “The Vatican Deception” (2018) ★★★★

There is one pretty alarming fact about “The Vatican Deception”. It has never been denied that Russia has always been a big concern on the way of peace. That fact could never find its place – before, now or ever. Yet, there is another fact well known to everyone that nobody wants to correct. There is corruption on every level – in one’s heart, at a workplace, in the government and even in the Vatican!

Perhaps, “The Vatican Deception” is one of those documentary films that may not reach the wider audience for the sole reason that it is an eye-opening film that some powerful people may want to be shut down. The film explores some very disturbing prophecies during the famed apparitions of Fatima (also known in the Catholic world as Marian apparitions of Virgin Mary), reported back in 1917. Three shepherd children are entrusted with three secrets that came from Virgin Mary. As the first two secrets are revealed, the third and the most powerful one should have been revealed by the Vatican in the 1960s. The Vatican officially claims that all these prophecies belong to the past. Thus, the third revelation has never happened.

However, through the key testimonies that are compared on both sides and the evidence that has emerged, showing that somebody prefers to keep the real revelation in dark. Who that is or what is the purpose of this secrecy is what makes Paul Stark’s documentary “The Vatican Deception” such an intriguing film to watch.

As we learn, it is the centennial anniversary of the prophecies. The first one is a vision of hell that terrified the children. The second one is prophetic – Virgin Mary tells the shepherds that if people do not stop offending God, the World War II will begin. She also speaks about the expansion of Communism. To avoid the bloodshed, she offers to devote the Immaculate Heart of Mary so that peace is established in the world. She recommended that the Pope shall consecrate Russia so that Russia can be converted for the peace to come. The third one talks about the corruption in the Vatican, as well as shows visions of the Pope and other religious bodies killed. It promises a future that nobody would like to face.

In conclusion, the film features an interview with Father Nicholas Gruner, who was one of the promoters of the message of Our Lady of Fatima. The actual photo of him is photoshopped in the same area with the Pope. Also, as if turns out, the Vatican did not want him to get closer to the Pope. All these facts appear as a sound proof that a bigger power tries to prevent the Father back and his humble intentions to be discussed – especially, the final prophecy of Fatima. All these stories become the essential part of “The Vatican Deception” that is loaded with so many astonishing historic facts, that one may need more than one viewing to understand all the details and mysteries.


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