Slamdance 2018 Review: “My Name Is Myeisha” (2018) ★★★★★

A lost life is like a broken dream. Every broken dream makes a hole in our society. And as we lose someone at a very young age, we lose the opportunity that is given only once – the chance that that one person could’ve done something to make this world a better place. And sometimes, by taking someone’s life, a future life within that person is also taken away. How can we reduce the terrible mistakes we make? Because we all know “sorry” can be a useless word when it is too late. Frankly speaking, what difference does that “sorry” make to someone who has, as you can imagine, lost their life.

The film takes place on December 28. Myeisha Jackson heads out with her cousins. They are happily chatting and enjoying their lives. Nothing seems unusual, until the moment when Roni and Kai return to their car -a white Sedan. Myeisha is inside the can with a gun in her lap. The music is too loud and knocking on the window does not help. Myeisha is either unconscious or unresponsive. Seems, the only thing they can do is call the police. Minutes later, the police arrive on the scene. Everything that happens during the next minutes is told through Myeisha’s mind. She never gets a chance to regain her consciousness to speak.

Told beautifully, using hip-hop dancing and music combined in a rare artistic vision, the film “My Name is Myeisha” guides the viewer through Myeisha’s life – her past, her dreams and expectations, her wish to visit New York. Through the same dance, the coroner examines her lifeless body counting over ten bullets that have killed her. How has all of that happened? Is she already dead when the police arrive? Or does it happen afterward? This is a mystery that you will be trying to solve throughout the film. Be prepared for a dramatic ending, as what this film offers is almost like an induced coma. And believe me, you will find it hard to react otherwise.

In conclusion, Gus Krieger’s “My Name is Myeisha” is a devastating and masterful film that evolves around an American tragedy. It is inspired by the headlines of a nation. From the start to the end you see nothing except masterpiece. The importance of this film and the reason I am writing about it is that I believe this film must be seen by as many people as possible. It is about a promising life that is cut short for whatever reason. The performance delivered by Rhaechyl Walker is flawless, nuanced and shockingly impressive. I really hope this young talented actress will get the opportunity to showcase her acting abilities in future as well and will bring as beautiful performances as she does in “My Name is Myeisha”.


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