Film Review: “Fifty Shades Freed” (2018) ★


Whether I am about to see a masterpiece or a wanna-be piece that pretends to be great, I should always keep an open mind. At least, that’s my duty as a film critic. When watching a new film, I am always prepared either to be pleasantly surprised or take a ride which will be forgotten immediately after it ends. Having watched James Foley’s “Fifty Shades Freed”, I am yet to determine the level of torture I’ve embarked myself to during this journey. The one good news is that it is over for good.

Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) and Christian (Jamie Dornan) get married. They are happy. It seems that there is nothing that can ruin their ideal honeymoon and the cozy family life. Things chance with Jack’s reappearance in their life. As you can guess he is still angry and unhappy with his life. He is back with a promise to take away what the happy newlyweds cherish the most – each other.  There is also a dark secret that Jack is keeping in his head, and he is waiting for the right moment to reveal it. And that moment will surely arrive.

As the story unfolds, the viewer will hardly need a crystal ball to predict what is happening next. Anastasia tries to fulfill her new job as a fiction editor. Well, she tries to do that during the small breaks she and Christian take from each other during the day. As she tried to get some work done, she is interrupted by her over-controlling husband, who is mad at her because she has not changed her last name to Mrs. Grey in her business email address, and still signs Anastasia Steel.

There are so many issues with this film, that no matter how eager l was to enjoy it this time, the ridiculously written plot and the painfully dull lines made it unbearable to sit through the entire film. Of course, with a film like this one should not cherish high hopes and expectation. As the film is targeted to a certain audience, that is much bigger than those who will dislike it.

Leaving the bad writing and directing aside, I must also talk about the performance delivered by the lead actors – Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. I can call it the worst performance of the century, and that might still be an understatement. I believe they might have better roles in their future endeavors, but this one will certainly not go down without a fight. Again, Dornan and Johnson do not even try to show some respect to the characters. They portray them as if those are their worst enemies.

In conclusion, I should remind you that it does not really matter whether I or someone else writes a negative review of Foley’s film. At the end of the day, this is just a fancy product that is meant to be presented to certain buyers who will surely make a lot of money for the creators. Maybe it’s just me who does not appreciate it. Still, you – my valuable reader, may think otherwise.

However, the sad part is that films like this are crimes committed against cinema. This is also a perfect example that producers can get away with such a murder against art, remaining in the field and keeping the door open for other pieces of this type. If it was up to me, I would’ve locked that door and dropped the key into the deepest and darkest ocean forever.

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