Film Review: “Let There Be Light” (2017) ★★★


What is a religion? Why do we have to pray every day? Or yet a better question – will there be any response to our prayers at all? Does one have to continue their plea when a loved one is about to lose their life at a very young age? To cancer for instance or some other disease. I do not intend to question anyone’s faith with my question but to prepare for the film “Let There Be Light” by Kevin Sorbo. The film tells about a man who puts into doubt the existence of the God. Yet, after one incident, he revisits his belief one more time.

Dr. Sol Harkens is an atheist. Drinking and debating about the non-existence of God is the only ritual he remains faithful to. Although he looks full of determination and energy, it is anger and disappointment that brew in this man’s heart since the moment he lost his son to cancer. However, everything changes after he goes through four minutes of a clinical death. Those four minutes make him revisit his thoughts about Christianity and God.

We first meet him at the promotion of his newly published book “Aborting God” where he explains why preying is a complete waste of time according to him. Only a few minutes of his speech, and the viewer is ready to agree with him as he makes some crucial points. Dr. Harkens deeply mourns the death of his son Dave. In the meantime, he tries to reconcile with his two sons and separated wife Katy. As we get to know Kary, she is very compassionate and patient with Sol. Especially, when it comes to the shared custody issues.

After one heated party, Sol gets into his car, quite drunk, and takes zero measures to protect himself. In fact, he even talks on the phone with his publicist while driving. A moment later, he crashes his car and does through a new-death experience for the next four minutes. During those moments, Sol meets his deceased son Dave who instructs his father to go back. Dave repeatedly says: “Let there be light.”

Regaining his consciousness, Sol has to face the fact that perhaps his near-death experience is a signal for him not only to start believing in God but to spread the light – delivering peace, harmony, and unity through the faith he so eagerly fought against.

Co-written by Sam Sorbo and Dan Gordon, “Let There Be Light” is an inspiring story with a message that people are better off with pure spirits and belief in God that leads to the light instead of rejecting it and bringing darkness into their lives. It is a philosophical, deep and educational film that not only provides an in-depth analysis of faith, what it does or why it does not do certain things. And that’s what makes Kevin Sorbos’ film so special. While it is missing an emotional impact, it delivers the main point of death and life, as well as the journey between those two.

In conclusion, Kevin Sorbo delivers a decent debut feature film, that I am sure, the Christian community will appreciate a lot. One more time, it reminds people why certain things are not under our control and that death is not an end but a continuation of life. Even if we won’t have an opportunity to witness it during our lifetimes. It might be a metaphoric concept but it does make this film really good and it works for its viewer and it will for sure reach them.


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