Tribeca 2018 Review: “The Fourth Estate” (2018) ★★★★★


Nowadays anything coming from the White House reminds us of a very bad unscripted horror movie that hopes to get scarier with every minute the story unfolds. And I must admit, it’s so great at it that it’s not just horrifying, but I guess rather shocking seeing the same nightmare happening in real life. As we allow ourselves to digest everything which occurs in Washington DC, the role of every journalist is to bring the truth out. Indeed, the wall of lie can be easily broken if you have the right players set in the game of truth and that makes the job of the Washington Post, The New York TImes, MSNBC, ABC more important than ever.

“The Fourth Estate” is a powerful, expressive and time defining documentary directed by Liz Garbus which is centered around the New York Times reporters and their coverage of Trump’s White House that labeled the majority of the nation’s major news outlets as “the enemy of the people.” It’s their daily process, hunting after the news and every effort made to ensure the truth won’t be locked somewhere in the closet. As the reporters are after the search of that main key, the camera follows step by step (but knowing when to stop to not incriminate the intimate process between the source and the newspaper) the New York Times investigative journalists, the White House correspondent for the New York Times Maggie Huberman, the New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet, Washington Bureau Chief Elizabeth Bumiller, Washington Investigative journalist Mar Mazzetti.

“The Fourth Estate” is an excellent example of how the journalistic ethic works, their sacrifice and inability to leave the war zone due to one breaking news after another, and especially how challenging it is now in Trump’s era. The film begins its journey right from day one when Trump is sworn as the president, when his divisive speech divides the country in an unprecedented level. As an intelligent community struggles to understand what went wrong, through this truly mind-blowing documentary you see that worry of those who still possess the sane state of mind to find against false accusations against free media and how careful they are in publishing every single word that can literally change the content of an entire article.

In conclusion, Liz Garbus’ documentary is that missing piece of the puzzle that should be solved by anyone whether a Trump supporter or not. It has its short way of reaching into the people’s mind not to change their opinion, but to show the world of journalism and the news they deliver that has never been so important as it is today. As a true statue of liberty of journalism and free press, Garbus’ film is an excellent example why journalism is one of the most important jobs on earth of the 21st century and whyb this group now requires support like never before to push it forward – the group that seemingly is not respected by those who try to undermine the truth. It requires support from people like yourself – intelligent, analytical, who has all the quality to receive, process any news that comes your way. Because journalism is not about the writing bombshell article but the process itself that is truly outstanding.

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