Blood in the Snow Film Festival 2018: “To Catch a Mouse” (2018) ★★★★

The topic of marriage has already been explored in the cinematic universe so many times that one wonders what else is left to talk about? We have seen so many strange couples that are doing insane things, or something nice and more appealing. But when it’s a horror movie, it usually takes a dark turn. However, no matter how far you let your imagination go, I doubt it will travel as farther away as “To Catch a Mouse” does.

A couple, whose name never gets revealed, is trying to catch a mouse. The young wife is in the kitchen, watching her husband doing a trick under the sink so that maybe this time they can catch the little intruder. But what happens next is that they truly achieve their goal but the mouse they catch is much bigger than they anticipated. The problem is, the same mouse happens to be a human being who had no idea the trap he got himself into after knocking on the door of the Dedricks family.

The woman causally cleans a red stain from her dress which can be a vine or tomato. Or maybe blood? Her husband, much older than her, after realizing that he won’t be able to catch the mouse on that day, opens the fridge that is full of  jars with red liquid in it. Seems like a drink, but it does not take long to realize all those are human blood. As they enjoy their own company and talk about a family member, they hear a knock on the door. The man strangely checks the time and proceeds towards the door.

It was a young man who claims that his car was broken. The couple were too excited to help him. The husband lets the wife give him a hand while he himself leaves the house. It appears weird though, how could he leave his wife with a stranger? But it’s all just a part of a dark and heinous plan the young man knows nothing about or the role he’s about to play in it.

“To Catch a Mouse” is a delicious horror thriller that explores the strong bond of marriage, the common goal, and what needs to be done to live happily ever after. While it has nothing to do with a happy ending, it does for the couple, who are fulfilling each other by doing what they enjoy the most – which I prefer to not say nothing about it and leave it up to you to learn. Co-written by Alex Coleman and Curt Pullan, and directed by Alex Coleman himself, the film offers a beautiful score that sets a dark atmosphere better than you can imagine.

In conclusion, the performance of the cast of three, Gys de Villiers (husband), Katie Housley (wife) and Lee J. Poichuk (soon to become a mouse), deliver a solid performance that turns this short movie into a complete winner. It’s suspenseful, scary, way too scary I should say, and even real. Everything about it is great, short and concise. It’s intelligent and plays with the genre so well that you might want to watch it all over again. And trust me, if you do that, you will get a whole new experience, as every time you watch it you find something new you missed before.

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