Sundance 2019 Film Review: “Light From Light” (2019) ★

© Courtesy of Sundance Institute

I normally don’t mind watching even a five hour-long film that has something meaningful to offer. Or, at least, does not leave a terrible feeling that I have wasted my time for nothing.

The film follows a single-mom, Shelia (Marin Ireland), who works at the car rental company. Off work times, she, if an opportunity comes, investigates paranormal activities. During one of her radio interviews, a man approaches her to pay a visit to Richard (Jim Gaffigan), who suspects that his deceased wife’s ghost is still home. To get into the bottom of the issue, Shelia takes her son, Tom, and his girlfriend, Lucy, to investigate the matter.

There is a lot not adding up to the storyline and maybe it should not. But as you watch the film, you can’t help but start questioning whether what you see is for real. In the first fifty minutes, nothing happens at all. Ghosts do not appear or maybe felt ashamed to even show up due to the badly written script. Who knows, it’s anyone’s guess.

In conclusion, “Light From Light” written and directed by Paul Harrill is one of those films that should be investigated by paranormal investigators for the search of ghosts or any other unexplainable presence that was nowhere to be found throughout the film. But there’s a bright side though, if you happen to be in the theater and somewhere in the middle you did not like the film and have no place to rush to, try to take a nap, rest, and enjoy a quiet time so that at least you will know there was some use of this film.

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