Sundance 2019 Film Review: “Sweetheart” (2019) ★

© Courtesy of Sundance Institute

Survival horror thrillers are one of those in which we can barely judge whether it is likely to happen or not. And, in most cases, it requires not much thinking, analysis or, let’s say, to shout out Ioud in the middle of the film, “come on, you gotta be kidding me.” “Sweetheart”, co-written by Alex Theurer and Alex Hyner, and directed by JD Dillard follows the story of Jen (Kiersy Clemons) who tries to survive in an isolated island where she’s left alone to face a creature that shows no sign of slowing down its killing.

Well, “Sweetheart”, as I already mentioned, is a survival film in which we find Jen, after her boat with her group went down, after the storm. Brad, one of her friends, is severely injured and shortly after loses his battle with death. But before he departs the world, he asks Jen if she saw it. What it was does not take much time to reveal – a creature that comes at night, looks for food, and drags it to its black hole not far from the shore. When Jen digs a deep hole to bury Brad, the next day she finds the same grave being digged out and only parts left from Brad’s body – bones and blood.

Overall, “Sweetheart” does not require much intelligence to use throughout the film. It’s kind of predictable and in some cases, the storyline makes no sense. Despite all those gaps and holes in the script, the film survives on its own by keeping the audience’s attention from time to time. As for acting, it was solid. But there’s not much to expect from this film, but it’s good enough to enjoy. Of course, there are a lot films that take place in an isolated island, monsters that walk around and all other scary stuff. While JD Dillard’s piece is far from being perfect, it is still worthwhile seeing at least once.

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