Canadian Film Fest 2019 Review: “Darkside” (2018) ★★★

Source: IMDB

How much do we know about ourselves? Are we good or bad? Do we see dead people or hear voices? What makes us who we are or who we don’t want to be? “Darkside”, written by Erin Carter (who portrays Emmie) and directed by Erin Carter and Sam Coyle, is a movie version of Google that answers all the above questions.

Emmie hears her father’s voice as she prepares for her concert show. As she struggles with what to wear, her father continues dictating her who he prefers her to be. Even her boyfriend is not so mindful to her as the five minutes of pleasure from her is more important to him than the success or failure of her upcoming show. However, as she comes on stage, she gradually changes realizing her true path in life through the person she discovers in herself.

As a short film, “Darkside” manages to dive deep into Emmie’s mind. The film reveals so much within a very short amount of time, letting the rest of the details to play out in our heads. It is all because of an impressive performance by Erin Carter herself who knew precisely how to portray Emmie, imitate her moves and intentions by drawing an image of a self-destructive person who is on the edge finding the right button to turn off the madness occurs in her mind.

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