Canadian Film Fest 2019 Review: “I Beat Up My Rapist” (2018) ★★★

Source: IMDB

Why does one even think of committing sexual assault on another individual, whether that victim is a man or woman? Is it because of an incomplete life, the lack of love, or is it just a sickness? Whatever it is, it can’t justify the act of senseless violence by trying to take control over someone’s body to please its sexually unsatisfied hunger. 

“I Beat Up My Rapist” is a short film adaptation based on a true story of director Katrina Saville that revolves around her personal experience of deciding to take justice into her own hands after being sexually assaulted by a friend that stayed at her place overnight. As she goes through the nightmarish experience, the young woman questions what will happen if she goes to police and the reasons that eventually leads her to the door of a man named Chris (Greg Calderone), to remind that things like this can’t simply disappear and that her appearance at his home is to deliver a universal form of justice that could not wait to be served.

“I Beat Up My Rapist” explores the vulnerability of women and their reasons of why not wanting to go to the police to report a crime, that one of them could be the one, ultimately, to be blamed. While this might not be the case in North America, it is in many other countries, which is a truly sad phenomenon. While this film does not specifically encourage violence for violence, it still seems right by doing something to ensure no one else will go through this again. But it will be the closing line delivered by Abigail Winter’s Katrina Saville that will remind once again the implications of sexual assault and its lasting effect on its victims who will have to live with it for the rest of their lives.

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