Inside Out 2019: “Adam” (2019) ★★★

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Some movies do carry deep messages, tries to open people’s minds and help them understand the LGBTQ+ community better. It’s always easy to judge until you walk in their shoes. “Adam” takes an interesting approach to tell the story of a young man who pretends to be who he is not because of one girl he liked. But that encounter helps him deal with himself and leave beside who he was in the beginning of his journey.

Adam has depression. He is always somewhere deep in his mind. His parents are concerned about him, so they refuse to leave him alone at home while they are way. That’s why the idea to spend the summer in New York with his sister Casey felt like the right choice to change the environment. His sister Casey is a lesbian who hides that information from her parents and fully embraces her sexuality in New York and is quite happy about it. 

When Adam and Casey attend a marriage-equality march, he meets Gillian. An accidental lie turns everything upside down in which Adam tells Gillian about him being a trans. As he had no idea how to tell the truth, their relationship rapidly develops and so does Adam’s assurance and self-confidence as well, that helps him to rebuild his own image for himself.

“Adam”, directed Rhys Ernst may not be exploring something new nor does it offer a revolutionary approach to story telling. It is far from being emotional or something that can blow the mind away. But his pure simplicity and honesty turns into an interesting watch as we follow the protagonist character who must take the big step toward with certainty which, when we met him earlier, he clearly lacked.

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