Inside Out 2019: “Halston” (2019) ★★★★

What is normality? How do we define it? How true is it that without ups there are no downs and without downs, there are no ups? Certainly, it is good to be rich and there’s nothing bad about it. But what to do in order to keep sanity intact? And how to stop when there’s no stop sign? How to prevent a catastrophe that may happen if we fail to miss the most important thing? It is not easy to be famous as it comes with a price all the money of the world can’t buy it – a freedom that’s once lost cannot be regained back.

Written and directed by Frédéric Tcheng, “Halston” follows a legendary fashion designer of the mid-1970s when his minimalistic approach, subtle view of his models, women mainly, Halston did what many others failed – put America on the fashion map. However, through his enormous success and ridiculously rich talent, as it always happens, there’s always some drama behind curtains unfolding minute by minute, turning into a heavy burden of time which at some point comes after the person who thought he had control over it.

“Halston” gives an interesting look of how Halston turned out to be one of the best fashion designers, his hats that everyone would wear, and the masks he made would be everywhere in a ball. However, his personal issues, drug addiction, and the fight over his empire take him to the whole new level the battle of it he yet to win. But as it usually happens, we neglect what we have but regret about it when it’s gone.

That said, through the interesting interviews taken from Liza Minnelli, Marisa Berenson, Joel Schumacher, Karen Bjornson, Naeem Khan, Pat Cleveland, Chris Royer, and many more, you will discover the new Halston for yourself, the one who had his own weakness yet had the most important strength every one wanted to have possession of – his talent, his eyes, and the legacy he left behind that can’t be erased no matter how many negative facts the film can reveal.

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