Inside Out 2019: “Late Night” (2019) ★★★★

© 2018 – Sundance Institute

We like watching comedies, don’t we? We love laughing. We’re relaxed and leave every negative thing behind closed doors while we watch a quality film. But where to get such a movie that would allow us to hear intelligent dialogues, jokes that can be easily reused and with the minimum coarse language? As days pass by and hope fading away about having better than the poor writing of our current time, “Late Night” written by Mindy Kaling, who stars in the film as well, with Emma Thompson in the lead, brings us back to the old beloved time when once again we can feel appreciated and respected by someone who gives us hope that films like “Late Night” are not completely dead.

Katherine Newbury (Emma Thompson) is a legendary host on a late-night talk show that is being aired for two decades. However, declining ratings and uninspiring dialogues written by her writers kills the show slowly. And the news that the head of the network is about to replace Katherine shocks her to the core and she decides to make some changes by hiring a diverse female writer that might help her to spice up the show. What Katherine did not know is that the new writer, Molly (Mindy Kaling), will not only help her re-energize her show, but change Katherine’s perspective about her writers, help her become more patient, respectful, and funnier than she was.

“Late Night” directed by Nisha Ganatra is like a long-awaited Messiah in the cinematic world. It’s ridiculously funny, easygoing comedy with loads of intelligent lines trust me you’re gonna love from start to end. Emma Thompson as the late-night host is outstanding, wicked, and a complete joy to watch while Mindy Kaling became the perfect match to not only share the same screen with Emma Thompson but to be with her on the same level, which trust me, is not so easy.

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