Inside Out 2019: “Good Kisser” (2019) ★★★★

For romance drama to work, whether it has an element of comedy, action, or simply a slow-burning piece, it must have all the important factors to satisfy the viewer and serve its main purpose. We all remember “Call Me By Your Name” where a love affair between two men was captured in the most sentimental, poignant, and moving way – the way every love story should have been told from that moment on. The second movie about same-sex attraction was beautifully narrated in “Liz in December”, which, trust me if you have not seen it yet, you should probably do it as soon as possible.

“Good Kisser”, written and directed by Wendy Jo Carlton, is that kind of a film which should be seen by everyone who enjoys a story about broken relationships, pushing the limits of human experience, love, and patience. It’s about playing with a fire that in the end will still burn its target – because not everyone is Daenerys Targaryen and we are not that lucky to be immune to fire. In this film, Kate, portrayed by Rachel Paulson, is the one who sets her seemingly stable two-year relationship on fire with the honest Jenna. And it all began in a way that none of them could predict its outcome.

“I am glad we are doing this,” Kate says optimistically to Jenna when they hopped into their Uber. They have a big night, as Jena confesses to the driver, “We are going on a date tonight with the same person.” The woman waiting for them is Mia, portrayed by Julia Eringer. When the two arrive at their final destination for a fun night, the best part of the film starts then, when the three begin spending more than an hour of running time talking about what they want to ensure no matter what happens next, they all agree on it. But that is just the beginning of what happens between Kate and Jenna when the former realizes how slowly but surely she loses Jenna who finds Mia very attractive, intelligent with the high regard for her, more than she felt for Kate in her recent memory.

“Good Kisser” is more like a psychological drama to see who fails first and who succeeds. The truth is – there is no winner in this game, as the tagline of the film suggests – to be careful what they wish for. The excellent organic chemistry between the three leading actresses helped the story to play out perfectly, where you, as an audience, will be left mesmerized and upset at the same time, because films like this should never end.

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