Film Review: “The Dead Don`t Die” (2019) ★★★★

We always want to have a good laugh, don’t we? Watching goofy films about silly things that most likely will not happen in real life (but you never know), that still amuses us? “The Dead Don’t Die”, written and directed by Jim Jarmusch, is one of the most absurd yet funniest zombie film you will see. But there’s an important task for you as a viewer to execute – to be in sync with the storyline and not try to find a point in the narrative when its entire purpose was something else, or even nothing.

The small town called Centerville has all sorts of people; it has Bob, who lives in the forest, farmer Miller, who does not drink coffee because he finds it too black, Hank Thomson (Danny Glover) who lives a quiet and uneventful life, Police Chief Cliff Robertson (Bill Murray) and officer Ronnie Peterson (Adam Driver) who question the morality of their job and who they should arrest or not. But both of them love one common place where they can buy their beloved donuts and coffees. All that changes instantly when the world started acting out; it no longer gets darker, the scientists are too concerned, TV anchors continue delivering the disturbing news from across the globe. But the main event takes place in the same Centerville, when the city gets the least expected guests – dead people rise from their grave to have the most festive party they could, starting with the least expected thing – going insane about black coffee.

The entire film is unreal, the dialogues could not get funnier. I could tell it because I was not the only one in the complete sold out auditorium of people who came to see an extraordinary piece of filmmaking no matter how many times it may end up being misunderstood by the vast majority. The film itself provides a dark hour about what may happen to humanity and the planet as we know it if we don’t stop experimenting with this. Global warming is one thing, the drastic change in the weather is another problem, but what happens when the cycle of life gets interrupted and the dead stop dying because it does not know how to?

In the end, a well-directed film and with the solid performances of a star-studded cast, Jarmusch does it again by delivering an intellectual film in an unconventional way. From start till the end, nothing that you see would make sense – trust me, seeing zombies around in our timeline would not. But as you try to go deeper with what it has to say, it will turn out into an unbelievable journey, honestly speaking, I can’t wait to repeat because it’s worth it! It’s memorable and “The Dead Don’t Die” is something I personally would not mind seeing every single day. And as for you, my the most valuable reader, there’s no need to do the same thing that I would, but give a chance to it by catching it in the nearest theater is a great start to let the film know – its audience is much bigger than it could’ve expected.

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