Toronto True Crime Film Festival Review 2019: “Adjournment” (2018) ★★★

There are no such words that would describe the amount of pain a single person can go through when yesterday’s beautiful life has today turned into a nightmare. The life he loved so much, his wife and three children which he recognized as his sunshine were gone instantly. Whatever reason has been provided as the motive cannot justify the senseless killing of an entire family.

“Adjournment” is a documentary court drama directed by Nina Marissiaux that revolves around Mr. Jasbir Singh’s testimony of how he found his wife Rajvir Kaur and his three children Manraj, Karmanvir, and Navjot killed in a cold-blooded manner. As he reveals the heartbreaking details of his tragic and unfortunate discovery, we find a group of people outside of the courtroom discussing the case, the circumstances around it, and why the accused Mr. Khorshed used jealousy as the motive for his crime.

In a way, it reminds us of “12 Angry Men” when the audience provides valid points, beyond reasonable doubt, whether it is Mr. Jasbir Singh who has committed the vicious crime but accuses Mr. Khorshed instead. As as a viewer, you will find it fascinating how people are willing to dive into someone’s mind to figure out what that person himself could not. But overall, it’s an interesting take to look at no matter how terrible and nuanced the facts are of the tragic event, the film goes beyond that, leaving it up to the audience to take on multiple roles to come up with their own conclusion, the way every juror would have done.

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