Tribeca 2019 Film Review: “Wild Rose” (2018) ★★★★


There’s never a right answer when it comes to choosing between living your dreams or live for two children. Under the proper circumstances, it can be managed with the most possible ease, however, will that be easy or not is a question only the ones who face such a dilemma can answer.

“Wild Rose”, written by Nicole Taylor and directed by Tom Harper, follows Rose-Lynn (Jessica Buckley) who after spending over a year in prison for drug smuggling finally greets the light of day. Forced to wear an ankle monitor, the woman must work her way through during the day and be home no later than 7 PM and stay inside until the clock shows 7 AM. Finding a job as a housekeeper for the extremely kind woman named Susannah (Sophie Okonedo), a rare opportunity arrives when Rose-Lynn finally can pursue her dreams to travel to Nashville to showcase her skills singing a country song. But having to raise two children and a mother (Julie Walter) who already provides support when most maybe won’t, it’s up to Rose-Lynn Harlan to make the choice of a lifetime which she just has no clue about.

When we meet Rose-Lynn for the very first time, she is about to get released from prison. By looking at her we can easily judge she was a likable persona but will she remain the same after leaving the correctional facility we’re soon about to learn. Luckily for her, she is not one of those recently released inmates who finds a hard time adjusting to the new life. That has never been an issue for our heroine. Meeting her two children and her mother, who does her best to assist with anything she can, it is being revealed to us that Rose-Lynn has a fascinating voice and is strong enough to win any singing competition. When she lands a housekeeper’s job in Susanna’s large house, her children learn about country music after hearing Rose-Lynn’s voice, which from that moment on, becomes a turning point in her life – equally in a good and bad way at the same time.

 “Wild Rose” is a solid drama about how to deal with dreams, sacrifice, and motherhood. A great performance delivered by Jessie Buckley, Harper’s film is safe to say – can land in your heart with no doubt whether you like country music or not. Essentially, it opens a path to the things that we all must try, the road where are dreams wait for us to cross it. More importantly, it shows the power of regret and how damaging it can be if not to let the heart feel what it desires the most. In this story there is an opportunity for Rose-Lynn to realize it herself which, I must admit, she will but not in a way you would have expected.

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