TV Review: “Batwoman” (2019 -) ★

I tried to avoid writing about “Batwoman” as I felt incredibly bad for it. As a film critic, I should be as objective as possible to leave what I am aside and be focused on what I have before my eyes. I may not have had high expectations from the female version of “Batman” but I hoped it will be a decent one to talk about or recommend friends to watch. Sadly, it was the second episode that left me with no choice but to write the following, as the only piece I will ever write about the series, that should never have seen the light of day.

Batman no longer feels responsible for the city of Gotham and his disappearance leaves the society shattered and confused. Kate Kane (Ruby Rose), his cousin, returns to the city to locate the whereabouts of her former lover, Sophie Moore (Meagan Tandy) from the hand of a vicious criminal (Rachel Skarsten). When Kate realizes that donning the Batwoman suit is her only option to show her invincible power and defeat her enemy, she becomes the city’s second superhero, calling herself Batwoman. However, after a big standoff with the villain, the young woman sees in her more than just someone who hates the city but rather being emotionally connected to the Kane family itself, through a link that will leave the woman in the midst of a crossroads with the hard decision of how to proceed next.

We know that Kane has always been after the search of her sister who dies in a car accident along with her mother fifteen moons ago. However, the fact that her body was never found, Kane is hopeful that one day she’ll find her. But her confrontation with her father, Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott) and the search of truth will force our Batwoman go beyond her possibilities to fight a rather unknown enemy she is yet to learn the identity of. But all that is nothing in comparison to what Rachel Skarsten’s Alice has prepared – a battle Ruby Rose’s Batwoman won’t be ready to take on.

The whole problem of “Batwoman” is its plot. If you find what I have written above promising, it’s just because I tried to be as nice and polite as possible. Unfortunately, the lack of emotional connection, dull script, and the dialogue that could not get any worse will leave indifferent even the most caring and nice viewer. On top of that, Ruby Rose’s performance not only does not help, it misses its aim, almost like she has no idea who she’s portraying. By looking at her, it felt like she disagrees with everything she does, however, she still shows up in almost every scene to do literally nothing.

No matter how harsh this all sounds, CW’s “Batwoman” is an uninspiring piece of TV that strangely got green-lit. It was rushed and unimpressive. Also, it leaves nothing but the feeling of disappointment as I for sure won’t be watching it again. To be truthful, all this just might be me while you, my dear reader, may have a different opinion on it. And if you do, it will be a pleasant surprise but that’s what the power of people’s opinion does. At the end of the day, it’s not me who should be the deciding point for you whether to watch it or not but you to come to it on our own through your own perception and understanding, which I agree I may well be lacking.

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