TV Review: “Nancy Drew” (2019 – ) ★★★

Credit: © 2019 – The CW

With so many shows recently being premiered, it is hard to choose which one offers a compelling storyline. While I must admit that the majority of them have good intentions to tell a universal story that may not be acknowledged by the vast majority like “The Loudest Voice”, NBC’s new series “Nancy Drew” seems to be the right voice we wanted to hear.

Set in Horseshoe Bay, Nancy Drew (Kennedy McMann) enjoys solving mysteries. In fact, when she was in 7th grade, she was able to locate the whereabouts of a missing girl. Having lost her mother and now living with her lawyer dad, Nancy finds herself in the midst of a mysterious murder case where she, quite surprisingly, is considered as one of the suspects. Realizing that the police may look in the wrong direction, the young woman takes the matter in her own hands, using her skills of seeing spirits and dark shadows to find the clues that may lead her to the person that killed Tiffany Hudson.

When the series begins, it offers us an introduction that helps us understand who Nancy Drew is. She is passionate about the truth and is eager to challenge herself. Despite her gift of seeing spirits, there’s only one spirit that leaves signs everywhere – the deceased Lucy. We don’t know much about Lucy other than that after going missing, her body was never found. But when, during the present time, Nancy is in a café serving customers from a wealthy family, the woman, Tiffany Hudson, is left outside by her husband, Ryan Hudson (Riley Smith). When we meet Tiffany briefly, she did not mind standing by her car outside. But when a blackout occurs, the woman gets killed, leaving behind a bunch of unsolved clues which, now apart from the police, Nancy must figure out.

As soon as the pilot episode starts, it already turns out to be captivating. Storylines like this may not be rare, but “Drew” arguably is one of the finest ones. It’s well-executed, engaging, and moreover intriguing. Judging by this episode, there is no reason to not believe that it won’t get better. In fact, it is the closing scene that brings us back to the reality of this series, assuring us that the only person we should trust in the entire series is Nancy Drew while everyone else can be easily compromised. That alone leaves me with the hope that every new episode will be filled with mystery, tasks for us to solve, and Nancy Drew who certainly won’t give up uncovering more truth than ever before to please the audience that trusts her as much as they trust the storytelling to be thorough and honest.

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