Film Review: “Easy Does It” (2019) ★★

I don’t mind watching indie films directed by filmmakers who barely manage to secure funds to make something many wouldn’t want to see if one big name, at least, is not attached with the project. Make no mistake, to me personally the cast doesn’t matter as long as the storyline is good enough for me to give it a shot. Since I had the most sincere of intentions when I decided to watch Will Addison’s “Easy Does It”, I quickly realized one thing – ‘easy won’t do it, unless you try harder.’

The film follows two best friends, Jack (Ben Matheny) and Scottie (Matthew Paul Martinez), who are crazy enough to chase the American dream. When they realize that staying where they were won’t give them anything other than an empty and meaningless life, they decide to head towards California, leaving their hometown in Mississippi behind to find a treasure, they hoped, is waiting to be discovered. However, when the criminal matriarch “King George” (Linda Hamilton) hears about it, she sends the only assassin she believes who can catch the two unfortunate criminals — her blue-eyed daughter (Susan Gordon).

There is a lot that can be said about “Easy Does It”. The screenplay by Will Addison and Ben Matheny is like a maze where once you’re in it’s impossible to find your way out. And that, my the most regarded reader, is not a good thing. Sometimes the film delivers funny scenes but those moments were not intentional. Even though I tried hard to get through each scene with an open mind, I was only able to manage it by completely ignoring the flat and meaningless premise the film carried. However, the film itself is not that bad at all if we take into consideration that this is the first feature film from Will Addison.

If you can look past the lack of a good premise, then “Easy Does It” should work for you. Of course, the concept is not easy to pull it off, not even for a veteran filmmaker with a grand name. However, when you make a period crime thriller with elements of comedy, it needs a bit more than just a mere attempt. As for the cast, I guess it was fun portraying characters which were, perhaps, inspired from “Dumb and Dumber”, not directly but close enough, owing to the level of IQ  exhibited by its lead characters. As for Linda Hamilton, the actor who brought Sarah Connor to us (from Terminator), “King George” for her was like a weekend walk from home to the nearest grocery store – go in, come out and forget about it by the end of the day.

That being said, “Easy Does It” is a silly film that won’t hurt anyone’s feelings. While some of you may demand for the hour and a half of your life to be returned after watching it, remember one thing – time itself, like the product on sale, is not refundable. However, just like any other film, Addison’s piece deserves attention too and must be seen at least once so we film critics, with our sometimes senseless reviews, get a chance to be proven wrong. Remember, what I may dislike might be accepted by you. And who knows, maybe this film will work for you better than it did for me. And if that does happen, then the goal of a first-time filmmaker will be achieved – to continue his journey in the cinematic universe and come back next time with a better product than this one.


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