Lavazza Drive-In: “Back to Maracana” (2018) ★★★

What can we do to live our life to the fullest? How do we cope with the fear that takes over our minds? Do we take risk, or let the risk take us? Questions like these never come to our mind unless there is a situation that forces us to question ourselves. Mostly, we just sit here and there or do something unproductive so as to kill time; the time that is the only thing in the world which cannot be returned or bought back.

“Back to Maracana” follows three generations of men. Roberto is a divorcee, his business is not doing good but the one good thing is that he still has equal custody over his son, Itai. When the World Cup begins, the man leaves his home behind to travel back to Brazil to cheer for his country. However, his terminally-ill father has his own terms that he wants to conclude during his trip. During that time, the three men will see each other from different perspectives. While the little boy is yet to form his personality, it’s his father who must make a choice to not miss the signs his old father tries to leave behind.

Directed by Jorge Gurvich, “Back to Maracana” is a simple but beautifully painted portrait of a father-and-son relationship. Sometimes it offers slight humour to make the audience feel at ease. However, the sad concept behind it makes it a bit overwhelming in the best sense possible. The sublime approach of fathers and sons is remarkably touching which gives hope and assurance for anything that will cross your mind.

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