Interview: Nathanael Chadwick Talks “The Last Porno Show”

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You don’t always get to watch films like “The Last Porno Show” because they tend to get lost in the wide array of other titles with big names attached. But that does not mean they are less interesting. In fact, when I watched this one, I found it bizarre, interesting, and real at the same time.

The lead character, Wayne (played by Nathanael Chadwick), is a method actor willing to go beyond what’s considered normal to deliver the most vulnerable yet dark side of the character he is hired to play. But after he inherits the city’s last porno cinema from his estranged father, the man sees it as an opportunity to reconcile his relationship with his parent. However, the more he gets into the porno business, the more dangerous he becomes by becoming the very person that made him who he is.

I can go on and on about Wayne, Nathanael Chadwick`s surreal performance, and the concept of the film itself which, trust me, is definitely worthy of your attention. But in the interview you are about to read below, actor Nathanael Chadwick himself goes on to describe Wayne and his understanding of the troubled character in a way I never could. Have a read:

MOVIEMOVESME: How did you get involved in The Last Porno Show?

Nathanael Chadwick: I’m pretty fortunate to have been friends with Kire (the director) for a while now. We hang out with the same circle of film friends, so I have been acting and working with them for over 10 years now. I’ve actually been pretty involved with some of Kire’s previous projects but working with the camera department or camera assistant. This was actually my first time acting in one of his movies. 

MOVIEMOVESME: What was your first thought when you read the script?

Nathanael Chadwick: My first thought was it was bold, dirty, funny, but had a lot of heart – just like Kire. My second thought was – do I have to show the world my penis?

MOVIEMOVESME: What was so attractive about Wayne that you agreed to portray him?

Nathanael Chadwick: I loved the idea that I got the opportunity to act as an actor. For some reason, it made the entire project seem more fun and more relaxed because I could have fun with it. I also appreciated the risks Kire was willing to take with the character, and the movie, so I wanted to support that as well. In this highly sensitive, politically correct world, people aren’t taking as many risks as they used to, and that’s not good. 

MOVIEMOVESME: How did you maintain the right mindset to stay in this role?

Nathanael Chadwick: It actually became quite easy when we started filming because of the intense energy from the unique locations. The old dirty cinemas, the messy apartments that smelled like cigarettes – the sets were strong characters in themselves. For example, when I would walk into the cinema at 7 in the morning and the camera department had a porno looping non stop for an hour while I got ready in makeup and wardrobe – that really set the tone. 

MOVIEMOVESME: Wayne is a method actor. Do you consider yourself a method actor too?

Nathanael Chadwick: Yeah sure, but it depends on the role. If I had a role where I had to completely transform everything about myself, like have a different accent, a different body type, then I would go all out and be “method”. But so far in my small acting career, I think I’ve been cast as characters that are already similar to my own. When I have auditioned, I think a lot of casting directors have seen me as me, and that’s the character that they usually want. I guess it’s easy for both parties that way. That being said, I would love the opportunity to really method act though, hopefully later on in my career. 

MOVIEMOVESME: Does it have to be that insane for an actor to create a masterpiece? In other words, can an actor be considered as a normal human being?

Nathanael Chadwick: I think most actors are pretty normal, but people just get so infatuated with the characters they play – that they believe they are some sort of insane creative gods. I know I do, look at Daniel Day-Lewis, one of my favorites. Great, intense hardcore method actor, but when you see him in an interview, he is actually this sweet, calm empathetic man. I actually don’t like watching interviews with him for that reason, it ruins the mystique.

MOVIEMOVESME: What is the most significant thing you have discovered about Wayne throughout?

Nathanael Chadwick: It’s hard to have sex with an old 75 pound CRT television. 

MOVIEMOVESME: Do you think Wayne eventually misunderstood his father?

Nathanael Chadwick: Well, I don’t want to ruin the movie for any of your readers – you have to watch the movie to find out my answer!

MOVIEMOVESME: What is your take on the father-and-son relationship your character had to go through?

Nathanael Chadwick: I think that there’s a certain point in our lives where we stop seeing our parents as parents and see them as people. You realize they are not these superior beings by any means, but they are just normal, vulnerable people like ourselves. Once you make that realization, you break a threshold and can bond closer with your parents. I kind of think that’s what happened to Wayne and his father. 

10.What is your takeaway as an actor and as a son from portraying Wayne?

Nathanael Chadwick: I think the big takeaway for me is similar to my answer before – that parents are just people. Ironically, I had my first child while making this movie, so I was obviously thinking about fatherhood a lot during filming. Fatherhood has brought this new awareness and understanding that all that parents care about is trying to make their family have the best life possible. And while my son doesn’t understand it now – he will one day.

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