Fantasia 2020: “Fried Barry”

Rating: 2 out of 5.

“Fried Barry”, from writer and the first-time director, Ryan Kruger, follows one of the most unlikeable characters ever, Barry. He does not care about being a husband, father, or the head of the family. Alcohol, drugs, and his bad attitude seem to be his best friends. It seems there could not be any lower point in his life until the moment when aliens invade his body and mind. From that moment on, he more or less becomes likeable, weird, bizarre, and in short, fried.

“Fried Barry” is quite a strange film indeed. It is not something you see coming out of Hollywood. The South American piece surprises us with the leading character who is truly unpleasant, to say the least. Barry is the epitome of disappointment for a man. Newcomer Gary Green gives us the best he could to ensure we don’t forget his Barry ever. Dark colors, cinematography and the facial expressions of the actor will help relieve Barry’s unfortunate encounter from literally finding himself in all sorts of uneasy positions. If he doesn’t alginate his soul, he would end up losing his battle for survival much faster than it was given during screen time.

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