‘Passage’: LAAPFF 2020 Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

So many people dream of living the American dream. They want a piece of happiness for themselves in the land of opportunities. However, as soon as you step into the promised land, reality kicks in. Nothing that we think or see is the same as what’s being placed right before our eyes. When we expect that, everyone who wants the best for themselves will come to know that apparently, it is not.

“Passage”, written and directed by Indian filmmaker Asavari Kumar, is a short animated film that revolves around a young Indian girl who leaves everything behind for an illusion she was eager to taste, touch, and be part of. As she navigates through what she left behind, she must confront the harsh reality of the illusion she drew in her mind as something spectacular. And now it is up to her to take a step back, think over, and understand the next step she must take from that moment on to define her own future, planned and taken care of by herself only.

“Passage” is an extremely intelligent piece that will make you think. Especially the closing scene when you find her standing right on the head of an individual who turns the United States upside down. The person, with one move, destroys all the values the country stands for. And now, our protagonist might become a victim of racism, misconceptions, and hatred from people who must learn to embrace the good but are more inclined towards negativity.

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