‘Club Ultra’: LAAPFF 2020 Review

Source: captured still from CLUB ULTRA

Rating: 3 out of 5.

With so many episodic series available, sometimes we don’t know which one to watch. And when we finally make our choice, does it meet our expectations?

Chaz, an officer, is gunned down in an ambush. The police department is upset and mourns the loss. Janice, his partner, is devastated and decides to investigate the matter on her own. As she begins her search to bring justice for Chaz, she will uncover a piece of shocking information that will erase all the attempts she has made in the name of her deceased partner.

“Club Ultra” is not aimed at the younger audience, hence, they certainly must be kept out of it. But overall, it is a well-written, funny, and entertaining series that won’t leave you disappointed. Even though it does not offer, for instance, a super and insightful storyline, by watching it you will realize there is no need for that. It is perfect as it is and has only one goal – to create a relaxed atmosphere with nothing to overload its viewers.

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