The average citizen Dong-won and his family move into a house bought after years of hard work. Filled with happiness, he invites his colleagues for a housewarming party, but the heavy rain during the night before creates a gigantic sinkhole, and in a mere minute, it swallows up the whole house and the people inside. Hundreds of meters down the hole, Dong-won, his neighbor Man-su, and the unfortunate guests must find their way out. Rain starts to pour down, filling the sinkhole with water, and they’re running out of time.

  • Man-soo: Cha Seung-won
  • Dong-won: Kim Sung-kyun
  • Manager Kim: Lee Kwang-soo
  • Eun-joo: Kim Hye-jun
  • Seung-tae: Nam Da-reum
  • Director Seo: Kim Hong-pa
  • Fire chief: Ko Chang-seok
  • Yeong-e: Kwon So-hyun
  • Ms. 301: Kim Jae-hwa
  • Min-jun: Na Chul
  • Grandma: Jung Young-sook
  • Hyo-jung: Han Hye-rin
  • Mother: Jeong Yun-ha
  • Manager Jung: Lee Hak-joo
  • Grandpa: Jang Gwang


  • Editor: Shin Min-kyung
  • Director: Kim Ji-hoon
  • Executive Producer: Lee Soo-nam
  • Sound Supervisor: Lee Sung-jin
  • Costume Design: An Ji-hyeon
  • Original Music Composer: Kim Tae-seong
  • Writer: Jeon Cheol-hong
  • Props: Yu Cheong
  • Producer: Kim Do-yeob
  • Set Decoration: Kim Nam-ho
  • Props: Park Jun-yong
  • Makeup & Hair: Park Ye-ri
  • Director of Photography: Shin Tae-ho
  • Production Design: Kim Tae-yeong
  • Martial Arts Choreographer: Kim Chul-jun

Credits: TheMovieDb.

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