Kate and her daughter Beth live alone in an isolated farmhouse in the woods, but when Kate slowly begins to suspect that something sinister is happening, her motherly instincts are put to the test.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Kate: Lora Burke
  • Beth: Tessa Kozma
  • Mary: Kristen MacCulloch
  • Lewis: Nick Smyth
  • Hal: Colin Paradine
  • Courtenay: Angel Gallego
  • Woman: Laura Tremblay
  • Yulia: Christina Bryson

Film Crew:

  • Production Manager: Avi Federgreen
  • Writer: Craig David Wallace
  • Casting: Laura Tremblay
  • Associate Producer: Lauren Saarimaki
  • Music: Spencer Creaghan
  • Writer: Ian Malone
  • Cinematography: Christoph Benfey
  • Editor: Joel Varickanickal
  • Costume Design: Meryl Allysa Romo
  • Art Direction: Steph Boyko
  • Key Makeup Artist: Jenny Duckworth
  • Makeup Artist: Becky Grimman

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