The Forever Purge

All the rules are broken as a sect of lawless marauders decides that the annual Purge does not stop at daybreak and instead should never end as they chase a group of immigrants who they want to punish because of their harsh historical past.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Adela: Ana de la Reguera
  • Juan: Tenoch Huerta
  • Dylan Tucker: Josh Lucas
  • Harper Tucker: Leven Rambin
  • Emma Kate: Cassidy Freeman
  • T.T.: Alejandro Edda
  • Caleb Tucker: Will Patton
  • Mrs. Hardin: Susie Abromeit
  • Merc: Anthony Molinari
  • Kirk: Will Brittain
  • Darius: Sammi Rotibi
  • NFFA Soldier: Mark Krenik
  • Xavier: Gregory Zaragoza
  • Lead Merc: Brett Edwards
  • Joaquin: Gary Nohealii
  • Elijah: Jeffrey Doornbos
  • …: Edward Gelhaus
  • …: Keenan Henson
  • Conor: Erin Dinsmore
  • Anti-Purge Protestor: Baker Wiles
  • …: Kat Smith
  • Maria: Emily Trujillo
  • Latinx Anchor: Yomary Cruz
  • …: Willow Beuoy
  • Vampire: Patrick Zapata
  • …: Richard Allan Jones
  • …: Patricio Doren
  • Sheriff Deputy: Patrick Millin
  • Gun Store Customer: Scott Douglas MacLachlan
  • Dancing Thing #2: Harrison Meloeny
  • Aid worker: Louie Novoa
  • Lydia: Veronica Falcón
  • Dalton Levay: Joshua Dov
  • …: Michael Aboujaoude
  • …: David Fencl
  • Chiago: Zahn McClarnon
  • Lupita: Carol Cantu
  • Chose 2: Dan Mast

Film Crew:

  • Casting: Terri Taylor
  • Producer: Michael Bay
  • Makeup Department Head: Maggie Fung
  • Writer: James DeMonaco
  • Producer: Andrew Form
  • Producer: Bradley Fuller
  • Sound Mixer: William B. Kaplan
  • Editor: Vincent Tabaillon
  • Editor: Todd E. Miller
  • Producer: Jason Blum
  • Second Unit Director: Mike Gunther
  • Production Design: Jennifer Spence
  • Director of Photography: Luis David Sansans
  • Original Music Composer: Andrew Grush
  • Executive Producer: Jeanette Volturno
  • Director: Everardo Gout
  • Production Supervisor: Amiee Clark
  • Costume Designer: Leah Butler
  • Executive Producer: Couper Samuelson
  • Sound Effects Editor: A. Josh Reinhardt
  • First Assistant Director: James Moran
  • Supervising Art Director: Clint Wallace
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Jonathan Wales
  • Hair Department Head: Jose Zamora
  • VFX Artist: Loren Robinson
  • Art Direction: Susan Alegria
  • Set Production Assistant: Casey Nicholas Price
  • Second Assistant Director: Vickie M. Hsieh
  • Executive Producer: Marcei A. Brown
  • Original Music Composer: Taylor Stewart
  • Set Production Assistant: Adam J. Kassel
  • Assistant Production Coordinator: Kendra Rasmussen
  • Co-Producer: Jennifer Scudder Trent
  • Hair Supervisor: Dnelle Almanza
  • Production Coordinator: David Halagarda
  • Casting: Sarah Domeier Lindo
  • Payroll Accountant: Edward Poveda
  • Production Accountant: Sean Carville
  • First Assistant Accountant: Joseph K. Borrelli
  • Additional Hairstylist: Vanessa Zamora
  • Producer: Sébastien K. Lemercier
  • Production Assistant: Monica Mazel
  • Makeup Artist: Alexa Coleman
  • Production Secretary: Rachel Malasig
  • Choreographer: Louie Novoa
  • Production Assistant: Ernesto Sandoval
  • Makeup Artist: Liz Briseno
  • Key Hair Stylist: Zulma Zamora
  • Production Assistant: Taj Ambar
  • Production Assistant: Esther Ancrum
  • Dialect Coach: Aaron Bluestein
  • Set Production Assistant: Connor Ford
  • Set Production Assistant: Timothy Fraley
  • Production Assistant: Mitchell Sulkess

Movie Reviews:

  • garethmb: In what is being billed as the final Purge movie; “The Forever Purge” has arrived and like elements of the prior films; gains traction from current events which have only made elements of the film more chilling seeing how the film was originally planned for July of 2020.

    Following the abolition of the Purge at the end of the “Purge Election Year”; the Holiday where all crime is legal for twelve hours is restored due to radical elements fueling fears of illegal immigration and the increase in crime immigrants will bring to the largely crime-free country.

    It is not made clear what happened with the new President who was a staunch critic of the Purge and only that it has been restored so citizens prepare for its return by arming up, barricading themselves, or paying for armed security in a fortified locale.

    It is against this backdrop that Adela (Ana de Reguera) has come to America fleeing the violence in her country as she enters illegally and finds work. Dylan Tucker (Josh Lucas) is a wealthy Rancher who along with his family hires friends and family of Adela though having some disdain for them and what they stand for.

    The Purge comes and goes with the main cast unaffected and as they prepare to resume their lives; roving bands of armed gangs have continued to Purge in violation of the law similar to those who took to the street in protest of the election and plans to eliminate the Purge years prior.

    This new group is well organized and has no issues taking on law enforcement and the military forcing Dylan, Adela, and their family and friends to flee for their lives. As the terror spreads, their only safety is to try to make it to Mexico who along with Canada has agreed to a six hour window to allow people to cross to escape the violence.

    As the danger mounts, the severity of the movement is known as the authorities seem powerless to control and stop what is called The Forever Purge.

    The film uses a slightly different formula than the prior films which focused mainly on a group of people trying to survive the night and the terrors that come with Purge Night. There is a greater emphasis on racism and Xenophobia this time around directed more towards foreigners than minorities and poverty-stricken individuals but the underlying message is the same.

    This time around we are given a longer timeframe of terror and more social commentary as there are elements from the film which seem eerily inspired by headlines past and present which makes the film even more chilling.

    While the story is rather bare and the characters do not get much development; the movie should give fans of the series what they look forward to although it lacks the dramatic tension of the previous films.

    In the end “The Forever Purge” is an interesting new chapter in the series but not one of the stronger entries and serves as an effective finale to the series should this turn out to be the final film.

    3 stars out of 5

  • Chris Sawin: A lackluster _Purge_ entry at best that is only considered decent because the film that came before it is so awful, _The Forever Purge_ does put some effort into attempting to put a different spin on how we view immigrants, but even that seems half-cocked at best.

    With a concept this stagnant, _The Forever Purge_ has successfully done what other horror movies have never been able to do; make deaths, murdering, and killing a total bore. Hopefully, with any luck, _The Purge_ franchise will pillage and murder itself with this entry.

    **Full review**:

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