The Invisible Guest

Barcelona, Spain. Adrián Doria, a young and successful businessman accused of murder, meets one night with Virginia Goodman, an expert interrogation lawyer, in order to devise a defense strategy.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Adrián Doria: Mario Casas
  • Elvira: Ana Wagener
  • Tomás Garrido: Jose Coronado
  • Laura Vidal: Bárbara Lennie
  • Félix Leiva: Francesc Orella
  • Driver: Paco Tous
  • Bruno: David Selvas
  • Daniel Garrido: Iñigo Gastesi
  • Sonia: San Yélamos
  • Police Inspector Millán: Manel Dueso
  • Virginia Goodman: Blanca Martínez
  • Police Officer #1: Pere Brasó
  • Police Officer #3: Jordi Brunet
  • Police Officer #4: Robert González
  • Álex: Martina Hurtado
  • Eva: Ruth Llopis
  • Club Bouncer: Jordi Llordella
  • Hotel Receptionist: Annick Weerts
  • Young Woman – Hotel Couple: Laia Alberch
  • Young Man – Hotel Couple: Cristian Valencia
  • Handmaid: Betsy Túrnez
  • Anchorwoman #1: Sandra Golpe
  • TV Host (On/Off): Susana Molina
  • Anchorwoman #2 (On/Off): Helena Resano

Film Crew:

  • Sound Engineer: Albert Manera
  • Casting Director: Eva Leira
  • Casting Director: Yolanda Serrano
  • Director of Photography: Xavi Giménez
  • Conductor: Fernando Velázquez
  • Editor: Jaume Martí
  • Producer: Mercedes Gamero
  • Production Design: Balter Gallart
  • Director: Oriol Paulo
  • Executive Producer: Adrián Guerra
  • Production Director: Sandra Hermida
  • Producer: Mikel Lejarza
  • Co-Writer: Lara Sendim
  • Executive Producer: Núria Valls
  • Sound Mixer: Marc Orts
  • Sound Designer: Laura Díez Mora
  • Sound Editor: Marc Bech
  • Sound Supervisor: Oriol Tarragó
  • Still Photographer: Quim Vives
  • Script Supervisor: Anna Vilà
  • Boom Operator: Biel Cabré
  • Foley Artist: Albert Ribas
  • Special Effects Makeup Artist: Montse Ribé
  • Special Effects Makeup Artist: David Martí
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Àlex Villagrasa
  • Color Grading: Quique Cañadas
  • Set Decoration: Marta Bazaco
  • Production Manager: Nuria Santos
  • Stunt Coordinator: Oriol Tarrida
  • Executive Producer: Eneko Lizarraga Arratibel
  • Gaffer: Martí Maluquer
  • Set Designer: Marc Estrugo
  • Special Effects: Enric Masip
  • Second Unit Director of Photography: Edu Canet
  • Post Production Supervisor: Víctor Martí
  • First Assistant Director: Daniela Forn
  • Location Manager: Margarita Huguet
  • Makeup Designer: Rubén Mármol
  • Costume Designer: Miguel Cervera
  • Executive Producer: Sofía Fábregas
  • Sound Post Production Coordinator: Irma Areta
  • Second Assistant Director: Anna Rua
  • Second Assistant Director: Olga Pujalte López
  • Post Production Coordinator: Micaela Gagliano
  • Second Unit Director: Víctor Cuadrado
  • Property Master: Montse Soler
  • Production Coordinator: Sara Ribagorda Gil
  • Special Effects: Joan Musull
  • Special Effects: Adolfo Vila
  • Special Effects: Pep Oliver

Movie Reviews:

  • Svumpukkel85: I was entertained, it was great fun, but very very far-fetched crime movie. Espanolos crazylos 🙂
  • Peter McGinn: This film strikes me as a sort of morality tale, though it disguises it well throughout. Overall I found the plot and the various developments intriguing and well written. There are several twists in the story, as you would expect in a thriller. Some worked better than others. I found the movie to be entertaining and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys being kept on edge and who can suspend their disbelief adequately. I say that last bit because I actually found the final twist to be somewhat hard to swallow, simply based on the character involved in it. Obviously I am not going to reveal that or any other plot twist and lessen the story’s impact to a first-time viewer. Like I said, it has an intriguing and intricate plot, and even though I had trouble with one piece of it, it didn’t really diminish my enjoyment of the movie.
  • Mirai Kazuya: **10/10**
    _It’s one of the best mystery movies I’ve ever had the privilege to see. I didn’t have high hopes for it at first even though the ratings were pretty high, as ratings nowadays are very untrustworthy, they are either over-rated or else under-rated mostly, only a few sum of ratings are justifiable. This deserves it’s good ratings. If you are someone who is looking for a movie that is in the same league as masterpieces like **Shutter Island**_ _then I’ll definitely recommend this masterpiece._
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