Boyka: Undisputed IV

In the fourth installment of the fighting franchise, Boyka is shooting for the big leagues when an accidental death in the ring makes him question everything he stands for. When he finds out the wife of the man he accidentally killed is in trouble, Boyka offers to fight in a series of impossible battles to free her from a life of servitude

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Yuri Boyka: Scott Adkins
  • Alma: Teodora Duhovnikova
  • Zourab: Alon Aboutboul
  • Slava: Julian Vergov
  • Koshmar: Martyn Ford
  • Igor Kazmir: Brahim Achabbakhe
  • Kiril: Paul Chahidi
  • Dominik: Petio Petkov
  • Warden: Valentin Ganev
  • Priest: Vlado Mihailov
  • Koychev: Vladimir Kolev
  • Guard: Hristo Petkov
  • Scout #1: Boris Pankin
  • Scout #2: Bashar Rahal
  • Viktor: Emilien De Falco
  • Ozerov Brother #1: Tim Man
  • Ozerov Brother #2: Andy Long Nguyen
  • Tall Soldier: Hristo Padev
  • EMT: Yavor Baharov
  • Russian Priest: Plamen Velikov
  • Prison Referee: Slavi Slavov
  • Large Fighter: Ivan Kostadinov
  • Church Choir: Atanas Madzharov
  • Church Choir: Atanaska Popova
  • Church Choir: Georgi Petkov
  • Church Choir: Mihaela Semova
  • Boris Tarsov: Trayan Milenov-Troy
  • Club Referee: Vencislav Stojanov
  • Fighter #1: Velizar Peev
  • Opponent: Tsvetolyub Iliev
  • Local Fighter: Ilian Emanviov
  • Zourab’s Guard #1: Danko Jordanov
  • Zourab’s Guard #2: Ivan Iliev
  • Bouncer #1: Genko Ivanov
  • Bouncer #2: Stefan Shopov
  • Doorman #1: Dimiter Doichinov
  • Doorman #2: Venelin Mishev
  • Female Guest: Anina Youroukova
  • Spectator (uncredited): Aleksandar Belovski

Film Crew:

  • Story: Boaz Davidson
  • Producer: Les Weldon
  • Executive Producer: Avi Lerner
  • Producer: John Thompson
  • Producer: Trevor Short
  • Casting: Marianne Stanicheva
  • Executive Producer: Lati Grobman
  • Music: Stephen Edwards
  • Producer: Mark Gill
  • Producer: Isaac Florentine
  • Executive Producer: Christa Campbell
  • Editor: Irit Raz
  • Director: Todor Chapkanov
  • Writer: David N. White
  • Action Director: Tim Man
  • Line Producer: Valentin Dimitrov
  • Set Decoration: Orlin Grozdanov
  • Co-Executive Producer: Lonnie Ramati
  • Writer: Tony Mosher
  • Cinematography: Ivan Vatsov
  • Executive Producer: Vincent Cheng

Movie Reviews:

  • Vishnu_Dileep: “Boyka is BACK”

    This movie is the 4th installment in this amazing fighting franchise it was of great experience where we get to see a soft side of boyka from his usual ruthless aggression which makes the viewers see a good side of him. So the movie starts in a way we see he is trying to get into the big leagues that’s when he causes a death by accident then after that follows the whole events with accordance to that incident. Am not going to explain more as it will ruin the movie don’t want to be a movie spoiler. Scott Adkins is back as boyka for the 4th time he did justice to his role yet again with some amazing action sequences. The story has not been repeated of course the ending is predictable but each scene keeps us at the edge of our seats I have enjoyed all the installments till now and the heroine was also really good with her acting skills .So it’s good for a one time watch. Rated R for brutal violence and language throughout. The movie is directed by Todor Chapkanov. The writers were Boaz Davidson and David N. White. The movie was shot in Bulgaria.
    Notable acting
    Scott Adkins (Boyka) known for his acting in the movies Doctor Strange, The Expendables 2 and The Bourne Ultimatum
    Teodora Duhovnikova (Alma)
    Alon Aboutboul (Zourab) known for his acting in the movie The dark knight rises

    Genre: Action, Crime and Thriller
    My Rating: 8/10

  • Reno: **The return of Yuri Boyka!**

    The last film in the series was seven years ago. I almost forgot everything about it. I had no time to have a quick glance on those before trying this, but while watching this, all the memories came back. It was different. Different means, they wanted the franchise back in action, so they have started with a simple storyline. Everything was predictable in the film, but that was not the point. They a wanted platform, so to move to the better side in the future.

    Yuri Boyka was looking forward to take park in a big league, but his last fight did not go well. He won it by a knockout, though the opponent did not survive. That mentally disturbed him, so he wanted to make a few things right. Now, on the eve of the big event, he set to a quick trip to Russia. Why he went and what had happened there, all are the other side of the tale with some good fights and emotions.

    Scott Adkins was great. This part kind of reminded me the ‘Rocky’. Particularly for the sentimental reasons. The mix of that and stunts were good. Familiarity was the weakness of the film, even though enjoyable. Especially it is for Boyka and ‘Undisputed’ series fans. They surely would love it. It was a wonderful re-initiation, but hoping better sequels to follow and in a grand scale as well. So when’s the next one!


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