Film Review: “Ella and the Little Sorcerer” (2022)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Nowadays, friendship is taken for granted. Everything has its values. Nobody wants to provide a hand of help if there’s nothing in return. This is what we must teach our children – respect others, cherish true friendship, do not betray, be honest and open. How can the adults spend that much time educating children when grown-ups are busy minding their own business? Therefore, having animated films is an important asset – it does what we sometimes cannot due to our busy schedule – point out important aspects of life in a way we would not know otherwise.

“Ella and the little Sorcerer” follows an incredible story of friendship, self-sacrifice, love and determination. When Ella and her friends, including Crystal, an apprentice and magician at the same time, embark on a life-changing journey to extract a magical stone that can turn their friend Prince Alex back into human form. Their journey is filled with danger, unexpected ups and downs. The friendship of Ella and Crystal will be put to the test. However, as they try to find a cure for Alex, they will come to a complete realization – selfishness, love for friends and willingness to sacrifice your own best interest above others is the best cure from the ugliness of the world.

Written by Robert Taylor and directed by Alice Blehart, “Ella and the Little Sorcerer” is an average animated film that does not fall into the same quality you see in Disney’s pieces. However, its a moving plot that touches upon friendship and the willingness to risk everything for friends. Ella and Crystal know right from the beginning they may not be able to achieve what they intend for Alex, but their confidence in themselves does not question a risk or the level of danger they may face along the way. Of course, this film does not suggest to drop everything and put your life in line for others. But in this case, others are friends. And that’s what we must teach the children – the most important experience we gain not from gadgets, tablets or social networks – rather human connection that is indeed irreplaceable no matter how you look at it.

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