Sweet & Sour

Faced with real-world opportunities and challenges, a couple endures the highs and lows of trying to make a long-distance relationship survive.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Jang-hyuk: Jang Ki-yong
  • Da-eun: Chae Soo-bin
  • Bo-young: Krystal Jung
  • Jang-hyeok: Lee Woo-je
  • Team Leader: Park Chul-min
  • Jang-hyeok’s mother: Kim Mi-kyeong
  • Nurse: Hwang Jeong-min
  • Security: Lee Kyung-young
  • Jang-hyeok’s father: Ahn Kil-kang
  • CEO: Yoo Sun
  • Patient: Jo Han-chul
  • Director: Jung Hee-tae
  • Resident: Go Gyu-pil
  • Patient: Yoon Byung-hee
  • matching sweatshirt couple: Jung Bo-min

Film Crew:

  • Original Music Composer: Bang Jun-seok
  • Adaptation: Lee Kae-byeok
  • Lighting Director: Jeon Young-suk
  • Costume Design: Choi Eui-young
  • Editor: Han Mi-yeon
  • Makeup & Hair: Lee Eun-ju
  • Executive Producer: Park Se-jun
  • Executive Producer: Heo Jeong-wook
  • Sound Supervisor: Lee Sung-june
  • Production Design: Lee Na-gyeom
  • Director of Photography: Yu Ji-sun
  • Writer: Seong Da-som
  • Producer: Kang Jin
  • Props: Lee Seok-chul

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