The Sadness

A young couple is pushed to the limits of sanity as they attempt to be reunited amid the chaos of a pandemic outbreak. The streets erupt into violence and depravity, as those infected are driven to enact in the most cruel and ghastly things imaginable.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Jim: Berant Zhu
  • Kat: Regina
  • Molly: Ying-Ru Chen
  • Business Man: Tzu-Chiang Wang
  • Warren Liu: Tsai Chang-Hsien
  • Dr. Alan Wong: Lan Wei-Hua
  • Mr. Lin: Ralf Chiu
  • Kevin / MRT Employee: Lueh-Geng Huang
  • General: Jacky Liu

Film Crew:

  • Writer: Robert Jabbaz
  • Producer: Li-Cheng Huang
  • Producer: Wei-Chun Lu
  • Director of Photography: Jie-Li Bai
  • Music: Tzechar

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