Deep Red

A musician witnesses the murder of a famous psychic, and then teams up with a fiesty reporter to find the killer while evading attempts on their lives by the unseen killer bent on keeping a dark secret buried.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Marcus Daly: David Hemmings
  • Gianna Brezzi: Daria Nicolodi
  • Carlo: Gabriele Lavia
  • Helga Ulmann: Macha Méril
  • Supt. Calcabrini: Eros Pagni
  • Amanda Righetti: Giuliana Calandra
  • Bardi: Piero Mazzinghi
  • Prof. Giordani: Glauco Mauri
  • Marta: Clara Calamai
  • Carlo’s Father: Aldo Bonamano
  • Elvira: Liana Del Balzo
  • Cop Taking Notes: Vittorio Fanfoni
  • Police Photographer: Dante Fioretti
  • Massimo Ricci: Geraldine Hooper
  • Young Carlo (as Iacopo Mariani): Jacopo Mariani
  • Rodi: Furio Meniconi
  • Agent Mingozzi: Fulvio Mingozzi
  • Fingerprint Cop: Lorenzo Piani
  • Police Agent: Salvatore Puntillo
  • Fat Cop: Piero Vida
  • Olga: Nicoletta Elmi
  • Murderer’s Hands (uncredited): Dario Argento
  • Fruit Vendor (uncredited): Salvatore Baccaro
  • Hitman (uncredited): Omero Capanna
  • Concerned Man in Restroom (uncredited): Bruno Di Luia
  • Florist (uncredited): Attilio Dottesio
  • Surgeon (uncredited): Tom Felleghy
  • (uncredited): Glauco Onorato
  • Carol (archive footage) (uncredited): Marilù Tolo
  • Pietro Valgoi (uncredited): Franco Vaccaro
  • Rabbi (uncredited): Gianni Di Segni
  • Professor Giordani (voice): Marc Smith

Film Crew:

  • Writer: Dario Argento
  • Special Effects: Carlo Rambaldi
  • Director of Photography: Luigi Kuveiller
  • Original Music Composer: Giorgio Gaslini
  • Editor: Franco Fraticelli
  • Executive Producer: Claudio Argento
  • Screenplay: Bernardino Zapponi
  • Producer: Salvatore Argento
  • Camera Operator: Ubaldo Terzano
  • Special Effects: Germano Natali
  • Assistant Art Director: Maurizio Garrone
  • Assistant Camera: Antonio Annunziata
  • Production Manager: Angelo Iacono
  • Original Music Composer: Goblin
  • Assistant Editor: Piero Bozza
  • Foley Artist: Massimo Anzellotti
  • Assistant Director: Stefano Rolla
  • Production Design: Giuseppe Bassan
  • Still Photographer: Francesco Bellomo
  • Sound Recordist: Mario Faraoni
  • Sound Editor: Nick Alexander
  • Hairstylist: Nicla Palombi
  • Assistant Camera: Antonio Tonti
  • Set Decoration: Armando Mannini
  • Costume Design: Elena Mannini
  • Special Effects Assistant: Carlo De Marchis
  • Makeup Artist: Giovanni Morosi
  • Production Coordinator: Cesare Jacolucci
  • Makeup Supervisor: Giuliano Laurenti
  • Boom Operator: Eugenio Fiori
  • Gaffer: Sergio Coletta
  • Seamstress: Angela Viglino
  • Continuity: Vivalda Vigorelli
  • Key Grip: Sergio Emidi
  • Assistant Production Manager: Carlo Cucchi
  • Production Accountant: Carlo Du Bois
  • Construction Foreman: Aldo Taloni
  • Set Dresser: Stefano Olivieri

Movie Reviews:

  • John Chard: Ocular Bonanza.

    When a psychic is murdered after picking up the thoughts of a psychotic killer, Marcus Day is the only witness to the crime and sets about trying to figure out who is responsible. But he then finds that the killer is shadowing him and targeting anyone who files in to help his investigation.

    Dario Argento’s Deep Red (AKA: Profundo Rosso/The Hatchet Murders) is rightly regarded as one of the leading lights of Giallo. Argento pitches Marcus Day (David Hemmings working from a splinter of Blow Up) into a rousing and visceral world of murder and mystery – and takes the viewers along as well! It doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is, Argento always has a sinister edge pulsing through his movie. The mystery element is also strong, including for first time viewers a cheeky opportunity to solve it very early on.

    Painting it all in vivid coloured strokes, Argento unleashes a myriad of stylish sequences, adding in children’s toys and mannequins to further up the creep factor. Musically not all of it works, but the running children’s thematic motif works strikingly well. Negatively the dubbing is often iffy at best and some of the now infamous murder sequences veer close to comedy because the director allows them to be protracted.

    Uncompromising, thrilling and striking, some quibbles aside, Deep Red is a very positive experience. 7.5/10

  • talisencrw: A remarkable and breathtaking horror work, easily my favourite of a distinguished, exciting run Argento made at the peak of his career. Films like THIS provided stunning proof to people’s assertion the world over that he was the Italian Hitchcock. The soundtrack by Goblin is to be treasured. For both horror and thriller aficionados, well worth getting in the very best edition possible, and well worth rewatching. A master craftsman at the pinnacle of his artistry.
  • JPV852: Parts of this were pretty slow but the mystery elements were good and I liked the leads even though their romance was really forced and unnecessary (I know those scenes were removed in the Export Version, along with some of the gore). Dario Argento’s visuals were on display once more with some great close-up shots and the gore effects were wonderfully gnarly. Not great but still found it entertaining. **3.75/5**
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