War for the Planet of the Apes

Caesar and his apes are forced into a deadly conflict with an army of humans led by a ruthless Colonel. After the apes suffer unimaginable losses, Caesar wrestles with his darker instincts and begins his own mythic quest to avenge his kind. As the journey finally brings them face to face, Caesar and the Colonel are pitted against each other in an epic battle that will determine the fate of both their species and the future of the planet.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Caesar: Andy Serkis
  • The Colonel: Woody Harrelson
  • Bad Ape: Steve Zahn
  • Maurice: Karin Konoval
  • Luca: Michael Adamthwaite
  • Red Donkey: Ty Olsson
  • Rocket: Terry Notary
  • Koba: Toby Kebbell
  • Cornelia: Judy Greer
  • Lake: Sara Canning
  • Blue Eyes: Max Lloyd-Jones
  • Cornelius: Devyn Dalton
  • Winter: Aleks Paunovic
  • Nova: Amiah Miller
  • Preacher: Gabriel Chavarria
  • Spear: Alessandro Juliani
  • Boyle: Chad Rook
  • Elder: Timothy Webber
  • Captain: Roger Cross
  • Lang: Mercedes de la Zerda

Film Crew:

  • Casting: Debra Zane
  • Editor: William Hoy
  • Casting: Heike Brandstatter
  • Casting: Coreen Mayrs
  • Director of Photography: Michael Seresin
  • Production Design: James Chinlund
  • Novel: Pierre Boulle
  • Stunt Coordinator: John Stoneham Jr.
  • Original Music Composer: Michael Giacchino
  • Screenplay: Mark Bomback
  • Supervising Art Director: Maya Shimoguchi
  • Director: Matt Reeves
  • ADR Supervisor: R.J. Kizer
  • Stunt Driver: Jeff Sanca
  • Stunts: Todd Scott
  • Stunts: Chris Webb
  • Armorer: Ric Walkington
  • Characters: Rick Jaffa
  • Characters: Amanda Silver
  • VFX Editor: Alex Blatt
  • Visual Effects Coordinator: Patrick Miller
  • Stunts: Steve Chang
  • Costume Design: Melissa Bruning
  • Assistant Art Director: Chris Beach
  • Producer: Peter Chernin
  • Producer: Dylan Clark
  • Second Unit Director of Photography: Roger Vernon
  • Assistant Art Director: Callie Andreadis
  • Stunts: Brett Armstrong
  • Art Direction: Nigel Evans
  • Stunts: Paul Wu
  • Stunts: Cassandra Ebner
  • Makeup Artist: Tracy Richards
  • Foley: Dan O’Connell
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Andy Nelson
  • Boom Operator: Tom Hartig
  • Visual Effects Coordinator: Lily Shapiro
  • ADR Editor: Kim Foscato
  • Script Supervisor: Trisha Burton
  • Foley: John T. Cucci
  • Property Master: Doug Harlocker
  • Art Direction: David Clarke
  • Special Effects Supervisor: Joel Whist
  • Music Editor: Jim Schultz
  • Art Direction: Richard Bloom
  • Foley Editor: Willard Overstreet
  • Set Decoration: Amanda Moss Serino
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Will Files
  • Music Editor: Paul Apelgren
  • Still Photographer: Doane Gregory
  • Stunts: Scott Lang
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Dan Lemmon
  • Script Supervisor: Kimi Webber
  • Assistant Art Director: Doug Girling
  • Steadicam Operator: Norbert Kaluza
  • ADR Editor: Jim Brookshire
  • Aerial Director of Photography: Hans Bjerno
  • Set Designer: Rich Romig
  • Construction Coordinator: Jesse Joslin
  • Aerial Director of Photography: Phil Pastuhov
  • Digital Intermediate: Christian Prejza
  • ADR Editor: Laura Graham
  • First Assistant Editor: Stephen Shapiro
  • CG Supervisor: Alessandro Saponi
  • Visual Effects Editor: David Heinz
  • Visual Effects Producer: Ryan Stafford
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Joe Letteri
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Erik Winquist
  • First Assistant Editor: Melissa Remenarich
  • First Assistant Editor: Tyler Ruocco
  • Rigging Gaffer: Sean Oxenbury
  • Makeup Artist: Naomi Bakstad
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Luke Millar
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Mark Gee
  • CG Supervisor: Ronnie Menahem
  • Animation Supervisor: Emilio Ghorayeb
  • Digital Intermediate: Ian Sullivan
  • Foley Editor: Thom Brennan
  • Animation Supervisor: Daniel Barrett
  • Key Makeup Artist: Bev Wright
  • Ager/Dyer: Briana Scott
  • Assistant Art Director: Callum Webster
  • Foley Editor: Matthew Harrison
  • Foley: John Morris
  • CG Supervisor: Jérome Escobar
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Anders Langlands
  • Armorer: Rob Fournier
  • Seamstress: Sandy Dunn
  • Visual Effects Coordinator: Chloe Feodoroff
  • Visual Effects Coordinator: Jana Jungk
  • Boom Operator: Charles O’Shea
  • Pre-Visualization Supervisor: A.J. Briones
  • Casting Associate: Shayna Markowitz
  • Assistant Art Director: Gustaf Aspegren
  • Seamstress: Patrice Yapp
  • Set Costumer: Phuong Chau
  • Casting Associate: Dylan Jury
  • ADR Voice Casting: Johnny Gidcomb
  • Casting Assistant: Natasha Wehn
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Mike F. Hedayati
  • Special Effects Coordinator: Adam Heinis
  • Stunts: Maja Aro
  • Stunts: Mathew Yanagiya
  • Aerial Coordinator: Cory Fleming
  • Key Grip: Charles Crivier
  • Dolly Grip: Darin Wong
  • Gaffer: Simon Hunt
  • Costume Supervisor: Jennifer Grossman
  • Script Supervisor: Ana Oparnica Sebal
  • Makeup Artist: Darah Wyant
  • VFX Editor: Wes Walcott
  • Art Department Coordinator: Lauren Geaghan
  • Ager/Dyer: Morgan Spry-Young
  • Ager/Dyer: Denise Gingrich
  • Set Costumer: Michael Tamayo
  • Makeup Artist: Vanessa Giles
  • Dolly Grip: Kyle Robson
  • Gaffer: Joseph Krattiger
  • Key Grip: Frank R. Sims
  • Animation Supervisor: Dennis Yoo
  • Animation Supervisor: Sidney Kombo
  • Creature Technical Director: Darren Mortillaro
  • Creature Technical Director: Christoph Meyer
  • Lead Animator: Alex Burt
  • Visual Effects Coordinator: Kate Elum
  • Visual Effects Coordinator: Dominique Fernet
  • Visual Effects Coordinator: Lucas John Ng
  • Visual Effects Coordinator: Sheldon Smith
  • Visual Effects Coordinator: Bonnie Gosnell
  • Visual Effects Coordinator: Rocco Pierini
  • Visual Effects Editor: Ben Powdrell
  • Visual Effects Producer: Hayley Perkins
  • Visual Effects Producer: Jennifer Lee Scheer
  • Visual Effects Producer: Ruth Irvine-Hauer
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Josh Dagg
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Megan Flood
  • Visual Effects Technical Director: Vasilis Antipas
  • Visual Effects Technical Director: Stefanie Blatt
  • Visual Effects Technical Director: Oliver Ferguson
  • Visual Effects Technical Director: Laura Languillet
  • Special Effects Supervisor: Dan Cervin
  • Senior Animator: Graham Binding

Movie Reviews:

  • Movie Queen41: Excellent trilogy

    Most Hollywood remakes/reboots are failed cash grabs. They are pale imitations of the superior originals. But the new Planet of the Apes trilogy surprises in that it trumps all the previous Apes films–those from the 60’s and 70’s as well as the Tim Burton 2001 misfire. Caesar still leads the intelligent apes against the human forces who want to eradicate them. Caesar even shows mercy to some of his human captives, but the humans who fear the apes will not relent in their attempts to destroy them. The movie is driven largely by Andy Serkis’s superb portrayal of Caesar. He is a complex and intriguing character. Woody Harrelson is also very good as the villain. His character is no generic, stock bad guy. He’s layered and you may even surprisingly feel some sympathy for him. A great and thought provoking popcorn flick.

  • Per Gunnar Jonsson: On this movie I have to get a couple of things out of the way straight away.

    First, the movie title and the blurb is hyperbole that has little to do with actual events in the movie. This is not some great war but just some silly little three way skirmish between some apes and two human factions.

    Second, the story for this movie is clearly written by someone who has an agenda and that agenda includes preaching how bad the white man is.
    Not surprisingly the result is bland, boring, frustrating and not very entertaining.

    I thought Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was mildly entertaining. Mostly due to the special effects. I thought Rise of the Planet of the Apes was okay. Again due to the special effects and because it had a fair amount of action. War for the Planet of the Apes do have decent special effects but nothing else. Add the obvious political agenda and the movie goes straight into a nose dive.

    The humans in the movie are stereotypical bad people and the apes are victims whether they are actually good apes or just asshole apes. There’s some decent action in the beginning and some at the end. In between we are “treated” to a slew of emotional scenes (or at least I suppose that’s what they were supposed to be) were Ceasars grief and the evil of man are force fed down our throats.

    Not surprisingly the movie ends, which it of course do not do until all humans in sight are killed off for no good reason, with the apes finding their little part of heaven all shown in warm and rosy colors. Close curtain…thank good!

    I was not expecting much from this movie but this was a typical Hollywood-with-an-agenda-movie. That is, not a good movie as far as I am concerned.

  • Gimly: The title _War for the Planet of the Apes_ is perhaps a misnomer, and it doesn’t necessarily build the legend in the way I was expecting it to, but a worthy threequel it still makes, and blockbuster trilogy with no bad entries is a rare thing to see.

    _Final rating:★★★½ – I really liked it. Would strongly recommend you give it your time._

  • r96sk: ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ wraps up a great trilogy strongly.

    I enjoyed this installment just as much as its two predecessors, all three films are just supremely entertaining and are very well put together. Caesar is a terrific character and continues to look fantastic in this; the special effects are top notch, even the way the apes are shown in shot is expertly done. The additions of Bad Ape and Nova are neat, too.

    I’d personally rank it above ‘Dawn’ but below ‘Rise’, though there isn’t much between them at all. Intrigued to see where they go with the proposed spin-off(s).

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