365 Days

A woman falls victim to a dominant mafia boss, who imprisons her and gives her one year to fall in love with him.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Laura Biel: Anna-Maria Sieklucka
  • Massimo Torricelli: Michele Morrone
  • Mario: Bronisław Wrocławski
  • Domenico: Otar Saralidze
  • Olga: Magdalena Lamparska
  • Anna: Natasza Urbańska
  • Klara (Laura’s Mother): Grażyna Szapołowska
  • Thomasz (Laura’s Father): Tomasz Stockinger
  • Massimo’s Father: Gianni Parisi
  • Martin: Mateusz Łasowski
  • Bank Manager: Agnieszka Warchulska
  • Hotel Manager: Przemysław Sadowski
  • Security Chief: Michał Mikołajczak
  • Zdrajca Alfredo: Andrea Batti
  • Bank Manager: Mateusz Grydlik
  • Karolina: Natalia Janoszek
  • Massimo’s Cousin: Tomasz Mandes
  • Bride: Blanka Lipińska
  • Bank Manager: Ewa Lewandowska
  • Lovelas: Bartek Cierlica

Film Crew:

  • Director: Barbara Bialowas
  • Casting: Tomasz Mandes
  • Sound Director: Marcin Kasiński
  • Co-Producer: Robert Kijak
  • Screenplay: Tomasz Klimala
  • Director of Photography: Bartek Cierlica
  • Costume Design: Malgorzata Skorupa
  • Costume Design: Magdalena Sekrecka
  • Novel: Blanka Lipińska
  • Producer: Maciej Kawulski
  • Music: Michał Sarapata
  • Music: Mateusz Sarapata
  • Editor: Marcin Drewnowski
  • Producer: Ewa Lewandowska
  • Co-Producer: Anna Waśniewska-Gill
  • Production Design: Agnieszka Bartold
  • Set Decoration: Dagmara Pokromska
  • Casting: Agata Biedrzycka
  • Makeup Artist: Grzegorz Szczuka

Movie Reviews:

  • tmdb15214618: The characters and their interactions aren’t interesting, the direction’s flat, and the story fails to build or maintain tension or momentum, so the audience’s interest is neither captured nor kept. There are one or two steamy sex scenes (and I appreciated the use of what I assume is a prosthetic dildo in the blowjob scenes) but the rest of the movie’s filler. There is budget softcore stuff that’s both titillating and mildly entertaining on a narrative level. This is 95% neither. This is 95% bleh.
  • r96sk: The fuck? (pardon the pun)

    It’s actually impressive how diabolically terrible ‘365 Days’ is. I had heard small details about how sexual this was but hadn’t seen anything about the film’s other aspects. Now I know why, there aren’t any.

    It’s just one big illicit romp with practically nothing holding it together, a cynic would say this is Netflix just getting pornography on their platform through the back door (pardon the p… nevermind).

    The worse part about this is the glorification of sexual violence, whether it be kidnapping or even – startlingly – rape. How the plot plays out is actually extraordinary – it turns out THIS is the way into a would-be lover’s heart… who knew?! It’s crazy. You could argue it’s a sexually explicit retelling of ‘Beauty and the Beast’, but that’s an argument for another day.

    They could’ve done this without the aforementioned and still got the same vibe out of the film, it’s bizarre why they choose to go down this direction. You can make characters hate each other before jumping into bed together, you simply do not need the criminality aspect.

    If I were to offer minor solaces of ‘praise’ about this ‘film’: the music (random Mabel is random) and the end scene, which is well shot.

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