A ruthless criminal operative has less than 24 hours to exact revenge on her enemies and in the process forms an unexpected bond with the daughter of one of her past victims.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Kate: Mary Elizabeth Winstead
  • Varrick: Woody Harrelson
  • Renji: Tadanobu Asano
  • Ani: Miku Martineau
  • Kijima: Jun Kunimura
  • Jojima: Miyavi
  • Stephen: Michiel Huisman
  • Kanako: Mari Yamamoto
  • Specialist: Hirotaka Renge
  • Shinzo: Kazuya Tanabe
  • Mother: Cindy Sirinya Bishop
  • Teen Kate: Amelia Crouch
  • Child Kate: Ava Caryofyllis
  • Young Kate: Gemma Brooke Allen
  • Old Wakagashira: Hiroyuki Kobayashi
  • Sato: Koji Nishiyama
  • Taxi Driver: Kazuhiro Muroyama
  • Young Yakuza: Shinji Uchiyama
  • Kentaro: Byron Bishop
  • Driver Yakuza: Kimio Yamada
  • Passenger Yakuza: Ryo Tanaka
  • Hospital Worker: Hanazumi
  • Hospital Worker #2: Masahiro Kanemaru
  • Detective: Takuya Sano
  • Policeman with Detective: Nobu Watanabe
  • Excited Gamer: Genki Yamasaki
  • Security Sergeant: Patrick Newall
  • Doorman: Apparekoizumi
  • Restaurant Heavy: Geoffrey Guiliano
  • Lead Guard: So Nozawa
  • Guard: Takayuki Yamamoto
  • Tech: Andrew Macdonald
  • Firm Operative: Eoin O’Brien
  • Herself: Saiki Atsumi
  • Herself: Miku Kobato
  • Herself: Kanami Tōno
  • Herself: Misa
  • Headset Voice (voice): Elysia Rotaru
  • Yakuza Guard #1: Darin Fujimori
  • Yakuza Guard #2: Kwang Bin
  • Lead Performer: Bando Hirohichiro
  • Assassin: Ryuyo Kawamoto
  • Assassin: Ryotaro Fujiyama
  • Drummer: Katsuyoshi Kojima
  • Drummer: Yuya Shirakawa
  • Security Agent (uncredited): Mav Kang
  • Wedding Guest (uncredited): Ulf Pilblad
  • Bulky Yakuza (uncredited): Akihiko Sai

Film Crew:

  • Sound Designer: Peter Brown
  • Supervising Art Director: Charlie Revai
  • Executive Producer: David Leitch
  • Music Supervisor: Liza Richardson
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Mark P. Stoeckinger
  • Music: Nathan Barr
  • Production Design: Dominic Watkins
  • Second Unit Director: Jonathan Eusebio
  • Stunt Coordinator: Spencer Sano
  • Hair Department Head: Nana Fischer
  • Co-Producer: Georgina Pope
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Andy Koyama
  • Casting: Jenny Jue
  • Editor: Elísabet Ronaldsdóttir
  • Producer: Kelly McCormick
  • Assistant Costume Designer: Nirachara Wannalai
  • Line Producer: Sharon Miller
  • First Assistant Director: K.C. Colwell
  • Unit Production Manager: Patrick Newall
  • Art Direction: Miyuki Kitagawa
  • Director of Photography: Lyle Vincent
  • Makeup Department Head: Lauren Thomas
  • Sound Designer: Alan Rankin
  • Production Sound Mixer: Stanomir Dragoş
  • Production Supervisor: Tim Pedegana
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Anna Behlmer
  • Script Supervisor: Kazuko Shingyoku
  • Set Decoration: Daniel Birt
  • Writer: Umair Aleem
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Björn Mayer
  • Director: Cedric Nicolas-Troyan
  • Co-Producer: Michael G. Selby
  • Producer: Bryan Unkeless
  • Art Direction: Siranat Ratchusanti
  • Assistant Costume Designer: Liz Krause
  • Set Decoration: Kasi Faengrod
  • Makeup Artist: Sivakorn Suklungkarn
  • Fight Choreographer: Akihiro Haga
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Gael Nicolas
  • Fight Choreographer: Hiroo Minami
  • Visual Effects Producer: Luke Groves
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Eric Robinson
  • Makeup Artist: Leah Vautrot
  • Costume Supervisor: Luka Antonić
  • Stunt Coordinator: Seng Kawee
  • Co-Producer: Bryce Anderson
  • Executive Producer: Scott Allen Morgan
  • Co-Producer: Anthony J. Vorhies
  • Visual Effects Producer: Taylor W. Rockwell
  • Sound Designer: Xiao’ou Olivia Zhang
  • Editor: Sandra Montiel
  • Costume Design: Audrey Fisher
  • Line Producer: Anchittha Phongchub
  • Second Assistant Director: Deborah Antoniou
  • Assistant Set Decoration: Saharat Bunsatitya
  • Art Direction: Katsuya Imai
  • Visual Effects Producer: Samantha Banack
  • Makeup Department Head: Miho Suzuki
  • Makeup Artist: Jakapan Wongsasuep
  • Executive In Charge Of Production: Matt Levin
  • Assistant Art Director: Gun Bhoktavi
  • Set Designer: Sorawat ‘Tony’ Akarawatcharangur
  • Set Designer: Prachya ‘Jetjet’ Pitapho
  • Makeup Artist: Nana Miyamoto
  • Makeup Artist: Gabrielle Puneky

Movie Reviews:

  • StarsNtheDarkness: I found this to be an incredibly fun and beautifully shot film. Who cares if it’s John Wick-esque? It’s not like he invented the genre. Mary Elizabeth Winsted was freakin’ awesome and I totally wanted to be her. The colors, the lights, the fight scenes? Excellent. Sometimes a movie is just supposed to be entertaining…it doesn’t have to change the course of cinema history to be good. I mean, people give this 2-stars and then rave over Malignant? Take that with a grain of salt. On second thought, just take the shaker.
  • jw: The keywords already tell you the story outline, so I skip that.

    Most of this movie is fan service – a lot of (female) Max Payne (the real one, not the awkward 2008 dud); of Agent 47, a bit of John Wick, a nod to Leon (“all of them”)… not too a complicated story, well-choreographed and filmed violence, nice modern Japanese atmosphere:
    I got what I expected, a satisfying action flick. And that’s probably what Netflix ordered for us, “Because You Watched”.

    But what made it really worth seeing this movie for me were a couple of minutes of actual acting.
    Winstead is great at her Terminator/MaxPayne/Leon/Wick/McClane-Show, and when she’s allowed to act, she proves worth being the lead.
    But when Jun Kunimura turns up, he expresses so much in a little time, that was what really sold this movie to me.
    (Also, solid supporting performances. Kudos.)

    Overall: not as bad as critics say. Stylish Entertainment.

  • MSB: Action films with long, uncut, well-choreographed fighting sequences starring a couple of well-known actors seem to be one of the newest Hollywood trends. Kate is yet another entry in the exponentially growing list of action flicks boasting extraordinary stunt work but lacking compelling character work and an original story.

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Birds of Prey) proves her worth in the combat department, carrying the otherwise dull movie on her shoulders. Unfortunately, the remarkable actress isn’t strong enough to elevate what’s just another female assassin derivative narrative that viewers have witnessed countless times before.

    Rating: C+

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