Film Review: “Interceptor” (2022)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

We don’t get to choose the subject matter that will be touched on in any film. But we, as an audience, get to choose what film to watch in cinemas, as a result, dictate which genre sells more tickets and which one better get released OnDemand. Imagine you are in a market wanting to buy fruit. The sheer variety available is too many to choose from but which one you will spend money on?

“Interceptor”, from director Matthew Reilly, and a screenplay that he co-wrote with Stuart Beattie, is the exact type of film you would probably want to see. Inspired by best American action heroes, such us Die Hard, we follow Army Captain J. J. Collins, who is sent to continue her mission on the remote missile interceptor. No one predicted that the minute she enters the premise, things will turn upside down. When the Alaska interceptor station is taken down, Collins is the only one who must confront the enemy in the face of charismatic but crooked former US military intelligence officer, Alexander Kessel, who literally underestimated his opponent.

The film follows every book of action cinema; it’s filled with action-packed scenes, fighting sequences, gore, killing and the last minute attempt to save the world. The good guy is naturally the United States of America while the enemy is known – Russia. However, it is Alexander who must carry a seemingly easy plan to take everybody down at the station, launch all 16 missiles towards the US and destroy America the way we know it. Obviously, Collins is not there just to sit idle and wait for her country to be wiped out and begins to utilize all her skills to stand against the mad man who has no intentions of slowing down until he kills Collins and millions of other people.

I can agree that “Interceptor” is kind of a funny film that, in real life, would have taken a different turn. But it is just a film, therefore, cannot be compared to real-life scenarios. In fact, it is an enjoyable piece, and the entire credit must go to Elsa Pataky who is superb in every action sequence. Her physical readiness is astonishing. Some scenes were so impressive, you won’t believe she actually did it. But it was so interesting, you could tell, she does everything possible to do her part with 100% commitment. That alone is what should draw your attention to it, and of course, few other reasons as well, and one of them is a fun action film you don’t see much of its kind nowadays.

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