Downton Abbey: A New Era’ – Movie Review

Downton Abbey TV series was the first of the Downton saga. There were 52 episodes in six seasons. After the series ends, viewers get their first Downton movie, Downton Abbey. 

Downton Abbey grossed around $195 million. It was a massive success because of its compelling characters, beautiful landscapes, and humorous dialogues. 

IMDb rating- 7.4/10 

Rotten Tomatoes- 84% 

The name Downton Abbey: A New Era suggests that something new will be there at the Grantham family’s mansion. The best part was that the movie starts with a brief recap of its last part. 

Downton Abbey


In the first movie(Downton Abbey), Crawleys and their house servants host the queen and king of England. This meeting sparks chaos between workers(downstairs) and royal staff. In the last scenes of the movie, we can see the romance between Lucy and Tom.

If you want to enjoy the movie to the fullest, you might want to see the first part. You can stream it by paying rent on YouTube or can also stream it using a website or app on several platforms. If you want to stream movies without paying a penny, you can check this link with several reliable options. 

Downton Abbey: A New Era’s Storyline

Downton Abbey: A New Era starts from the exact point, with Lucy and Tom’s wedding. After the wedding, the Crawleys get to know about an inherited property(A villa) in France from an old friend who is no more. The deceased friend’s son invites Violet with her family to visit.

Within the first fifteen minutes, you will know that the movie is going to be fun. You will witness brilliant writing, one-liners, and family dynamism from the start of the movie. There are some standout performances like

  • Maggie Smith(with her epic and witty one-liners),
  • Sophie McShera(Downstairs Cook),
  • Jack Barber and Lady Mary’s chemistry,
  • And daisy with a bold pep-talk and more.

Personal Opinion on the movie:

These standout performances are not the only good part of this movie. This movie also offers drama(plenty of it) and some emotional moments. If you want to see this movie as a standalone only, you will enjoy it then also.

Overall, this movie is pleasant to watch, and it handles all storylines beautifully. The only thing that I quite did not understand was the title of this movie. The movie has New Era in the title, and the only new thing in this movie was this title. 

Please, do not take me wrong on this. But all the situations, one-liners, and emotional connections with the characters were not new. You might find it overstuffed sometimes. If you have seen the TV series, you might conclude that the movie is just a summary of the TV series.

What do the critics say about the movie?

There are several mixed responses to this movie. While many critics are saying that it is a fun movie that you might not want to miss, others do not feel the same way. 

They are saying that this movie does not live up to the expectations if you are not a fan of the series. If you are a fan of the cast and characters, then it will be a visual treat for you to watch your beloved characters, probably for one last time.

But the same case won’t apply if you are not a fan. You will find it more of a love story than a family drama. You will find it predictable and a little boring at times. 

Final Verdict

You might want to see the movie even if you have not seen the series and the first movie. Also, if you are familiar with the show, you should go to the big screen to watch it.

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