Beverly Hills Cop

The heat is on in this fast paced action-comedy starring Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley, a street smart Detroit cop tracking down his best friend’s killer in Beverly Hills. Axel quickly learns that his wild style doesn’t fit in with the Beverly Hills Police Department, which assigns two officers to make sure things don’t get out of hand. Dragging the stuffy detectives along for the ride, Axel smashes through a huge culture clash in his hilarious, high-speed pursuit of justice. Featuring cameos by Paul Reiser, Bronson Pinchot and Damon Wayans, Beverly Hills Cop is an exhilarating, sidesplitting adventure.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Det. Axel Foley: Eddie Murphy
  • Det. William ‘Billy’ Rosewood: Judge Reinhold
  • Det. Sgt. John Taggart: John Ashton
  • Jeannette ‘Jenny’ Summers: Lisa Eilbacher
  • Victor Maitland: Steven Berkoff
  • Zack, Maitland’s Thug: Jonathan Banks
  • Lt. Andrew Bogomil: Ronny Cox
  • Insp. Douglas Todd: Gilbert R. Hill
  • Mikey Tandino: James Russo
  • Jeffrey: Paul Reiser
  • Police Chief Hubbard: Stephen Elliott
  • Serge: Bronson Pinchot
  • Casey: Michael Champion
  • Hotel Manager: Michael Gregory
  • Bonded Warehouse Night Supervisor: Rick Overton
  • Banana Man: Damon Wayans
  • Det. Foster: Art Kimbro
  • Det. McCabe: Joel Bailey
  • Truck Driver: Gene Borkan
  • Cigarette Buyer: Frank Pesce
  • Hotel Clerk: Alice Cadogan
  • Donny: Philip Levien
  • Maitland Receptionist: Karen Mayo-Chandler
  • Beverly Hills Cop #1: Gerald Berns
  • Beverly Hills Cop #2: William Wallace
  • Room Service Waiter: Israel Juarbe
  • Bell Hop: Randy Vasquez
  • Crate Opener #1: Chuck Adamson
  • Crate Opener #2: Chip Heller
  • Bonded Warehouse Security Guard: Rex Ryon
  • Bonded Warehouse Clerk #1: Mike Pniewski
  • Bonded Warehouse Clerk #2: Douglas Warhit
  • Holdup Man #1: Paul Drake
  • Holdup Man #2: Tom Everett
  • Waitress: Sally Kishbaugh
  • Valet: Barry Shade
  • Harrow Club Maitre D’: Jack Heller
  • Harrow Club Arresting Officer: Michael Harrington
  • Dispatcher: David Wells
  • Det. Owenby: Scott Murphy
  • 1st Detroit Cop: Dennis Madden
  • 2nd Detroit Cop: John Achorn
  • 3rd Detroit Cop: John Pettis
  • Detroit Station Cop #1: Nicholas Shields
  • Detroit Station Cop #2: Carl Weintraub
  • Detroit Station Cop #3: Anthony De Fonte
  • Barmaid: Darwyn Carson
  • Pool Player: Mark E. Corry
  • Maitland Bodyguard: Thomas J. Hageboeck

Film Crew:

  • Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer
  • Production Design: Angelo P. Graham
  • Camera Operator: Jack Green
  • Director: Martin Brest
  • Producer: Don Simpson
  • Story: Danilo Bach
  • Story: Daniel Petrie Jr.
  • Director of Photography: Bruce Surtees
  • Art Direction: James J. Murakami
  • Set Decoration: John M. Dwyer
  • Set Decoration: Jeff Haley
  • Costume Design: Tom Bronson
  • Original Music Composer: Harold Faltermeyer
  • Editor: Arthur Coburn
  • Editor: Billy Weber
  • Music Editor: Bob Badami
  • Casting: Margery Simkin
  • Second Unit Director: Thomas J. Wright
  • Makeup Artist: Leonard Engelman
  • Casting: Rhonda Young
  • Foley Editor: Alan Bromberg
  • Original Music Composer: Keith Forsey
  • Assistant Editor: Claudia Finkle
  • Makeup Artist: Ben Nye Jr.
  • Stunt Coordinator: Gary McLarty
  • First Assistant Director: Peter Bogart
  • Unit Production Manager: Mike Moder
  • Hairstylist: Barbara Lorenz
  • Script Supervisor: Betty Goldberg
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Gregg Landaker
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Cecelia Hall
  • Supervising Sound Editor: George Watters II
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Rick Kline
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Donald O. Mitchell
  • Costumer: Michael J. Long
  • Property Master: Tommy Tomlinson
  • Sound Editor: Teri E. Dorman
  • Sound Recordist: Gary Ritchie
  • Sound Mixer: Charles M. Wilborn
  • Sound Editor: Bruce Richardson
  • Sound Editor: Bruce Lacey
  • Color Timer: Dick Ritchie
  • Unit Publicist: Stanley Brossette
  • Associate Producer: Linda Horner
  • ADR Editor: Alan L. Nineberg
  • Assistant Camera: Michael D. Weldon
  • Second Assistant Director: Richard Graves
  • Assistant Editor: John Haggar
  • Foley Editor: Pamela Bentkowski
  • Costumer: Chuck Velasco
  • Assistant Sound Editor: Carolyn Colwell
  • Gaffer: Don Nygren
  • Still Photographer: Richard R. Robinson
  • Key Grip: Peter Wagner
  • Costumer: Kathie Gale
  • Assistant Camera: Jeff Miller
  • Second Unit First Assistant Director: Steve McRoberts
  • Boom Operator: William Gocke
  • Assistant Sound Editor: Daniel F. Finnerty

Movie Reviews:

  • John Chard: The heat is on – indeed!

    Cocky rule dodging Detroit Cop Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) heads to Beverly Hills in search of those responsible for murdering his friend. Upon getting there he falls foul of everyone he meets due to his tough Detroit approach work. Undaunted, Foley, aided by old friend Jenny Summers (Lisa Eilbacher) and two intrigued local detectives, starts to unravel the mystery.

    Hey Axel you got a cigarette?

    There was a time when Eddie Murphy ruled the world. After Trading Places had introduced us to his sharp comedic tongue, and 48 Hours had shown him to be a more than capable action character actor, Beverly Hills Cop fused the two together and propelled Murphy to super stardom. Directed by Martin Brest and produced by Messers Simpson & Bruckheimer, it’s really no surprise that “Hills Cop” is shallow, simple (a fish out of water comedy standard) and utterly commercial. Yet with its gusto, humorous script (Daniel Petrie Jr) and neat plotting, it becomes a hugely entertaining film – led superbly by Murphy due to infectious comedy energy and superb knack for timing.

    You’re not going to fall for the banana in the tailpipe routine!

    It’s hard to believe that the likes of Sly Stallone and Al Pacino were first mooted for the role, so not as a comedy one imagines, but as it being a standard police action movie, but enter Murphy and it ended up as a fine blend of action and comedy. There’s little digs at Beverly Hills and its smugness, a way of life that Foley, with his down on the streets toughness, can’t comprehend, while opposing police methods also get a wry once over – wonderfully threaded in the relationship between Foley, Taggart (John Ashton) and Rosewood (Judge Reinhold).

    Small gripes reside, such as Steven Berkoff’s by the numbers villain being something of a let down and Ronny Cox is sadly playing filler time with an underwritten character. But this is about Murphy, the fabulous stunt work and the successful union of action and comedy. And hey! even Harold Faltermeyer’s bobbing synth score, “Axel F,” has a nippiness that remains quintessentially 1980s. 8/10

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