Psychic Vampire

Michael is thrown into a downward spiral of psychological torment and identity after moving in with his online acquaintances- a group obsessed with the video game ‘Psychic Vampire’.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Michael/Tree: Bear Spiegel
  • Gem: Kaatia Fedrow
  • Lilly: Bailey Monroe
  • Candy: Dylan Mars Greenberg
  • Truck: Thunder Smith
  • …: Tate Hoffmaster
  • Grocery Store Manager: Lloyd Kaufman
  • Therapist: Lisa Terror
  • The Creator: Mister Lobo
  • …: Hope Hoke
  • …: Hugh H. Hoke III

Film Crew:

  • Production Assistant: Zack Keller
  • Music Supervisor: Dylan Mars Greenberg
  • Music Supervisor: Tate Hoffmaster
  • Production Assistant: Bear Spiegel
  • Production Assistant: Kaatia Fedrow
  • Production Assistant: Bailey Monroe
  • Music Supervisor: Dumpster Mike
  • Production Assistant: Drew Boyer
  • Title Graphics: Tom Gabo

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