Tribeca 2022: “Bowery”

Rating: 3 out of 5.

It’s easy for us to judge those who live on the streets of our cities. When we pass by a homeless person, some of us may begin to question – what is it that brought them to this point? The answer is broad and not an easy one. Yet, before we jump to conclusions, we should hear their side of the story.

Bowery is a street in New York City I myself have been to dozens of times. It’s a beautiful and old area your eyes will be glad to gaze at. But that street holds profound memory of those that walked on it every day or even lived. Directed by Mike Mintz and Irad Straus, Bowery” invites the audience to visit its street, historic corners and the people that struggle daily with homelessness, lack of food, job and COVID-19. While we sleep on our warm beds, some spend their nights at the Bowery station, or in the neighborhood that could talk a lot if it could.

It is indeed an eye-opening portrait of life we take for granted; the life that gives us a lot yet takes away from others. Whether it’s drug addiction or any other reason, the film captures some aspects of its documentary subjects such as Richard “Dolla” Thomas, who hustles on the streets in his wheelchair with the hope of earning a dollar. Steven Miller and Andrew Harris do their best to leave drug addiction behind. It’s the other side of Manhattan that most are not aware of, so be prepared to be held captive over the scenes that will stun you, shake you, and make you more compassionate over the course of the journey you are about to make through the beautiful yet dark streets of historic Bowery.

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