Tribeca 2022: “Nude Tuesday”

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The beauty of cinema is that no matter how many films you see in a year or the stories you learn, it never stops surprising you. When you watch films with a surprising concept, it’s like climbing up to the top of Everest, hoping you will find what you are looking for upon reaching the final destination.

“Nude Tuesday” is like a trip you have to think twice before taking. But once you do, you won’t regret it. Laura (Jackie van Beek) and Bruno (Damon Herriman) are married and have two children together. They are still living under the same roof but somewhat apart from each other. Once their marriage hits rock bottom, Bruno’s mother provides them with the gift of a lifetime – tickets to a couple’s retreat that aims to bring the couple’s sexual desire towards each other back up and running. But once Bruno and Laura arrive at the place, they meet this strange and straightforward guru (Jemaine Clement), who complicates their journey even further.

Written by Jackie van Beek (who stars as Laura), the story by Armagan Ballantyne and directed by Armagan Ballantyne, “Nude Tuesday” is a surprisingly hilarious comedy with lines you will want to repeat with close friends. Language over the top, too open and amazingly colorful, the film provides a look into the life of a married couple that struggles to stay afloat and their union that is about to fall apart. The retreat, more like “Nine Perfect Strangers”, brings its own version of serenity, where orgy, love-making and nudity is the most welcome approach toward healing the soul.

Overall, “Nude Tuesday” is an excellent film that shows the other side of marriage but with lots of graphic scenes, most certainly, not applied to be seen by the entire family. But it shows an unedited version of the human body, life, the meaning of sex and why the two must endure such an intimate journey together to realize their potential to the fullest. Eventually, it’s about finding yourself, discovering your true self and looking at other aspects of our lives that perhaps should have been explored earlier.

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