Tomás, who lives in Canada, travels to Madrid, Spain, to visit his old friend Julián. Both of them, accompanied by Truman, Julián’s faithful dog, will share many surprising and emotional little moments, triggered by the hard situation Julián is going through, for just a few days.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Julián: Ricardo Darín
  • Tomás: Javier Cámara
  • Paula: Dolores Fonzi
  • Luis: Eduard Fernández
  • Veterinarian: Alex Brendemühl
  • Doctor: Pedro Casablanc
  • Producer: José Luis Gómez
  • Mortician: Javier Gutiérrez
  • Gloria: Elvira Mínguez
  • Nico: Oriol Pla
  • Woman #2: Nathalie Poza
  • Woman #1: Àgata Roca
  • Adoption Woman: Susi Sánchez
  • Restaurant Actor: Francesc Orella
  • Restaurant Actress: Ana Gracia
  • Mónica: Silvia Abascal
  • Company Actress: Kira Miró
  • Sophie: Lucie Desclozeaux
  • Dealer Girl: Elisabet Altube
  • Tomás’ Wife: Carolina Meijer
  • Tomás’ Son: Pablo Schaupp
  • Tomás’ Daughter: Luz Ottone
  • Nico’s Companion: Lucas Hamming
  • Girl #1: Lucía Guerrero
  • Girl #2: Greta Fernández
  • Bookstore Employee: Teresa Soria Ruano
  • Neighbor: La Terremoto de Alcorcón
  • Hotel Waitress: Patricia Byrne
  • Theater Prop Master: Camilo Vázquez
  • Taxi Driver: Bouzan Hadawi
  • Stewardess: Alison Smith
  • Party Bar Friend: Anna López Infante
  • Asian Waiter: Tsechun Tse

Film Crew:

  • Director of Photography: Andreu Rebés
  • Director: Cesc Gay
  • Sound: Jesica Suárez
  • Co-Producer: Hugo Sigman
  • Screenplay: Tomàs Aragay
  • Co-Producer: Daniel Burman
  • Executive Producer: Marta Esteban
  • Co-Producer: Axel Kuschevatzky
  • Producer: Diego Dubcovsky
  • Editor: Pablo Barbieri Carrera
  • Thanks: Armando Bó
  • Production Design: Irene Montcada
  • Original Music Composer: Toti Soler
  • Assistant Director: Carlos Gras
  • Executive Producer: Leticia Cristi
  • Co-Producer: Matías Mosteirín
  • Executive Producer: Pola Zito
  • Costume Designer: Anna Güell
  • Makeup Designer: Karol Tornaria
  • Casting: Mireia Juárez
  • Original Music Composer: Nico Cota
  • Script Supervisor: Avelina Prat
  • Color Grading: Quique Cañadas
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Curro Muñoz
  • Co-Producer: Alejandro Gorodisch
  • Line Producer: Huub Meijer
  • Hair Designer: Sergio Pérez Berbel
  • Gaffer: Alberto Sánchez
  • Production Director: Isidro Terraza
  • Sound Recordist: Albert Gay
  • Production Coordinator: Laia Bosch
  • Second Assistant Director: Cayetana Pascual
  • Location Manager: Álex Miyata
  • Camera Operator: Dani Arregui
  • Property Master: Rosa Pariente
  • Set Decoration: Mariona Ferrer
  • Post Production Supervisor: David Cárceles
  • Foley Artist: Giselle Sánchez

Movie Reviews:

  • Reno: > Spending one final quality time with an old friend.

    It is not that hard to describe, I mean the entire story in a couple of lines, but scene by scene it embarks on the different level. A very ordinary tale that takes place in less than one week time, at a same time it catches your attention in a gentle manner. A perfect movie with the balanced contents. I admit, this is not what I expected, but still delivered the same quality differently. It takes us to the various locations to capitalise the concept and gives an idea how the real people in the real world express during their distressed time. I think I kind of liked its rich screenplay and the overall production quality.

    The movie was very slow, definitely need patience to watch it. It opened in a snowy Canadian residential area and soon begins to follow a middle ages man called Tomas saying goodbye to his family to board a plane for Madrid to meet his old pal, Julian. This unexpected visit gives an opportunity for Julian, a single father to open his heart to talk about the future plan, especially for his loving dog, Truman. The rest of the movie follows their lead by revealing some of the unknown to about each other.

    Yes, the title name was a dog character. It took some times to figure it out why and how important was this name for the movie. Almost the entire watch, only in the end scene, it all made sense. Besides, that is the part I fell for it, I think it was the best way to conclude. I love this kind of theme, this is where my softer side unfolds and feel the depth of the character or the tale that intended to strike emotionally. But the thing is, it was not a tearjerker drama as I wanted or it should have been.

    > “People don’t know what to say to me.
    > They smell death and they get scared.”

    Another unique narration that dealt with having friendship in the front row for its simple ride. It might be a plot that evolved around two friends’ four days wandering everywhere, but covered family issues as well, especially the father-son relationship for a brief time, but strongly. It took all the time in the beginning, but the second half was very interesting after it makes you comfort with the characters and enough story development to move on from there.

    It was a less fun, but a more meaningful movie than I thought. All the comedies were dark, it is unfortunate not to have even a small smile. The main source for it was the argument caused by the differences between the friends over what they decided to do, but in the end held back to normalcy as the character were matured and had a good understanding.

    So the comedy is only the tag that attached to the movie, but it was a very absorbing topic on its progress till the final minute. Yet, I’m very upset with a sex scene that definitely out of the synchronisation with the rest of the story. When everything was going so smooth it appeared from nowhere like a twist in the tale, I felt that was totally inappropriate. And also that 100 seconds changed the fate of the movie from a PG-13 to R product, though there was no strong nudity.

    It was effortless, but exceptional performances, especially by the leading two including the Argentinian superstar Ricardo Darin. And I don’t forget the dog in the title role, but sadly his screenspace was very short. Obviously this movie is not designed to impact on all the viewers, so it is going to fail to satisfy a few, especially for its slow presentation without a cheerable background score. That means I suggest you to choose it carefully, by learning what the movie offers against what you actually want from it. But overall, it is surely worth to give a try.


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