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Film Review: “Falling for Christmas” (2022)


Rating: 3 out of 5.

The end of October is always the time for our small and big screens to get ready for a showcase of Christmas films that I personally cannot wait to view. Good or bad, there is always something about the holiday spirit we can relive and endure through the characters that are born through written screenplays or books but hope to get a long life lived in our hearts. Does Netflix’s Hallmark-type film “Falling for Christmas” meet our minimum expectations? The answer is a big yes!

The storyline is a typical cliche; a newly engaged hotel heiress Sierra Belmont (Lindsay Lohan) has everything she wishes for. Her father, Beauregard (Jack Wagner), has everything settled for her future. She does not really have to worry about anything. Her boyfriend and soon to become fiancée and influencer, Tad (George Young), do not look like a great match either. He is busy taking selfies and pictures of the scenery and prefers to listen to his favorite music. Who knows what was in store for her if not for a skiing accident in which she temporarily suffers from amnesia, and meets a charming young local widower, Jake Russell (Chord Overstreet).

What is more important is that “Falling for Christmas” has marked the biggest comeback of Lindsay Lohan who, not sure about you my most loyal reader, but I have missed a lot. It also has the excellent TV actor, Jack Wagner, who many remember from famous classic soap operas such as “Santa Barbara”, “The Bold and the Beautiful”, “General Hospital” and “Melrose Place”. While the film itself is more casual, easy-going and stress-free, it offers a bit of humor, tear-jerking moments and, of course the Christmas spirit, showing that goodness may be around but not as often as it reveals itself on holiday.

Getting back to the premise of the film, Sierra is someone who does not know how to fix her bed, not to mention, cook an omelette. If she gets closer to the kitchen, it’s better to have firefighters on standby, just in case she burns the entire place down. Jake runs a family lodge he hopes to get more revenue from, but sadly, thinks, maybe it’s time for him to do something else instead. Raising his daughter alone does not contribute to his success as a businessman, but as a father, we never question his integrity, dedication and love towards his daughter. When he meets Sierra, an amnesiac woman, he provides her shelter until she recovers. He also does not fall for her as instantly as he could or the writers would have allowed, but does slowly but surely, as they begin to bond.

Written by Ron Oliver and Jeff Bonnett and directed by Janeen Damian, “Falling for Christmas” is a worthwhile piece that will make you smile. It follows the tradition of romantic comedies and does not overload the audience with heavy subjects. Everything is simple and straightforward. Just because of that of course, it deserves to be seen. It’s an interesting and moving story that does not have to be outstanding or brilliant but is good enough for you to spend time on. What is more interesting is that it can be seen by the entire family and avoids unnecessary language that could displease or hurt a child`s ear. So waste no time turning Netflix on and seeing the movie for yourself. In the end, I am sure you will say, welcome back, Ms Lohan.

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