Film Review: “M3GAN” (2023)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

We rely on modern technology to help keep our children busy while we can take care of our daily tasks. But do we ever question the amount of time we spend less with our loved ones, and more time they get used to spending with something else, like tablets, phone, computers or playing games? We lose track of time, the strong bond, and one-on-one interaction with children because we have a basic and most common excuse – that we are busy. 

Story by James Wan and Akela Cooper, screenplay penned by Akela Cooper and directed by Gerard Johnstone, “M3GAN” is a science fiction horror film, especially for parents who prefer to get their children addicted to advanced technologies. It follows a little girl named Cady, who loses both parents to a car accident. Miraculously surviving the crash, her maternal aunt Gemma gets permanent custody over the girl and brings her home. Because of her busy schedule and working on an innovative human-like toy or an android, named M3GAN (short for Model 3 Generative Android), she decides to give the girl one. What turns out to be an expensive toy turns deadly when M3GAN takes her task too seriously by protecting Cady. 

Cady does not need protection other than getting nurtured emotionally, which Gemma fails to deliver. Therefore, when M3GAN comes home, Cady quickly finds in her a soulmate, best friend and someone who she can rely on for anything. Gemma, on the other hand, is a roboticist at Funki, a technologically advanced company in Seattle. Working day and night would be understatement. Her brilliant mind has no limits. Therefore, when she realizes an ingredient is missing in her android, she quickly develops something far too intelligent that literally can outsmart its creator. 

Not to reveal much, “M3GAN’ is not a gore horror film with scenes you can barely watch. It’s more like a psychological thriller that questions our times, our needs, our bonds with each other and what we do in life when we are taken off gadgets. M3GAN is a human-like android. She thinks, has compassion and has an ability to interfere with third-party discussion even though it was not programmed initially. But it’s the danger robots can bring if freedom is given to them to be around humans. Perhaps, that is what makes “M3GAN” so good, interesting, thought-provoking, and darn good horror flick you will enjoy, trust me on that.

 It’s far from being “Chucky.” Probably, it’s better as it involves modern life, its needs and how the same needs are being fulfilled. M3GAN is meant to become a caretaker for children, but it also can turn into a weapon. And when we talk about weapons, it’s not just a killing machine – but a machine that can easily separate its owner from reality, making it angrier and uncontrollable. Therefore, I myself am looking forward to any sequel the writers are willing to make. Because I am sure it’s destined to succeed, if it will be nearly as good as the first one. 

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